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Elon Musk Is the Subject of a New Weepy Rock Song

The Rentals new song, 'Elon Musk Is Making Me Sad,' finds the singer comparing himself to the SpaceX and Tesla CEO.


We here at Entrepreneur have already informed you about Raptor Command, a heavy metal band dedicated to singing the praises of Elon Musk. And folks, it looks like vocalizing about the SpaceX and Tesla CEO has become a trend.

The Rentals, led by former Weezer bassist Matt Sharp, recently released a new song called "Elon Musk Is Making Me Sad." If you're into melancholy '90s rock music, this just may be your latest jam. As for the title, the lyrics delve into Sharp comparing a version of himself to Musk. Here are the words to the chorus:

"Elon’s making me so sad cause I calculated the math of our birthdates

And I had a head start out of the start gate, 2 years plus 86 days, but that all went to waste

Oh, Elon you’re making me so sad cause the race that I wanted to have was not much of a race

And I tried, Love! And for a moment I thrived, Love! But could not keep my stride up to keep pace

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Take a listen for yourself.

Wired also reports there's a song by Heather Anne Campbell about Musk destroying the Earth "to take revenge on the bullies who beat him up as a kid."

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