Why Entrepreneurs Need to be Empathetic Towards Each Other

More often than not, entrepreneurs find solace in another start-up founder

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The journey of an entrepreneur is one filled with ups and downs. While their challenges are often known to all, the story of their struggle is one that is hidden. But if there is someone who understands the failures as well as difficulties of an entrepreneur, it is another entrepreneur. This is why more often than not, entrepreneurs find solace in another start-up founder. 


Here are a few reasons why entrepreneurs need to be there for others from the eco-system.

Mentors in Your Peers

Founders, who have been in the business for long, often reach out to other entrepreneurs during workshops. The ones who are just starting up too, line up to hear words of wisdom from these experienced entrepreneurs. By sharing their journey or understanding the problems of another, founders often create a close-knit circle of their own and end up being mentors for each other. A lot of founder meet-ups are organized, where entrepreneurs get together to discuss their problems and find common solutions.

Be Human

Entrepreneurs are often bogged down by various things because of work. From steer heading the core business of the company to being involved in the nitty gritties of logistics and employee well being, they seldom get time to handle anything beyond work. However, in this mechanised way of living, it’s important for them to be in touch with their human side. A call for help from a fellow entrepreneur should always be addressed to.

Talking about how being empathetic is one of the most important things about being an entrepreneur, Shaili Chopra, founder of Shethepeople.tv said, “You need to be human, be empathetic. Find a way by which you can realize that there are a lot of people who don't appear to be those who can potentially help you but could actually be really the ones who could instil a bit of humanness in you. Connect with people at their own level.”

Empathizing will Help you Innovate Better

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, during the recent promotions for his new book, spoke about his personal life, his specially abled son and how being empathetic has only helped him in life. In one of the media reports, Nadella was quoted to be saying, “Empathy makes you a better innovator. If I look at the most successful products we [at Microsoft] have created, it comes with that ability to meet the unmet, unarticulated needs of customers.”

Being empathetic not just towards other entrepreneurs, but even the employees of your start-up is important as that helps in building the team spirit.

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