This Entrepreneur is Using Technology to Boost Security at ATMs

He cites fog computing to be the next big thing after cloud computing

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He was always inclined towards new technologies and was clubbing ideas to create solutions that can benefit businesses of his customers. Being an entrepreneur allowed him to implement his vision along with a bunch of like-minded people.

Meet Sunil R. Udupa, Managing Director of Securens Systems Pvt. Ltd., a new-age Internet of Things (IoT) company that harbours a vision to be the largest provider of Electronic Surveillance (E-Surveillance) services in India.

In his journey of almost three decades with ATMs and finance community, during which he has built many successful companies from scratch, Udupa’s passion for banking business grew and eventually Securens was born in December 2011.

Udupa started his entrepreneurial initiatives with his firm ATM Deployer in January 2000, where he provided consulting services to various banks and companies in the field of ATM Channel, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Electronic Payments etc.

His reputation as a tech innovator helped Udupa launch a solution which not only professes cost-saving but also increases efficiency. “My association with banks throughout my career gave me a deep understanding of their businesses and key challenges they faced,” he said.

Today, he is known as the man who has successfully implemented country’s first ATM technology, installed the first ATM switch, the first ATM on VSAT technology, the first Biometric ATM, the very first Card Management system, the first networking of Indian TBA Branches for ATMs.

Tech Making Inroads into Industries Hitherto Considered Manual

As technology continues to disrupt the way India is doing business, challenges swell. Udupa cites fog computing to be the next big thing after cloud computing. “Edge analytics will replace centralized video analytics. Consumer behavioural analytics will become key business enabler for retailers. Mobile phone will completely replace all types of plastic cards and bit coin will be the future currency,” he divulged.

Surveillance industry was always manual. The banking industry witnessed a wave of automation and there was speedy adoption of technology in the ATM sector. However, there was insignificant or negligible investment in technology in security/ surveillance business. Man guarding was costly and inefficient option.

“The cost and built-in inefficiency of man-guarding was waiting for a credible, reliable and cost-effective tech solutions, such as solutions offered by us,” he clarified.

Tech Innovation Changing the Landscape of Security

 “Looking at the current scenario of cash and payment, gateways technology has become the saviour. We didn’t predict the future while inventing or investing in these technologies but we knew it would be the need of the hour in couple of years,”  said the man behind the tech solution that not only can alert you of a crime as it happens but will also deter it immediately.

The unique active monitoring services innovated by Udupa help reduce crime and property damage by integrating the latest alarm technology with on-site surveillance systems, thus enabling the use of powerful video verification and two-way voice to actively deter a crime incident.

A successful innovator and entrepreneur, Udupa said an individual should have creativity, passion, financial acumen and knowledge of the industry, risk taking ability, competitiveness backed with sharp selling skills. “An entrepreneur to be successful must also have discipline, marketing skills, management skills, hardworking and should have integrity,” he appended.