Why I'm Not Interested in a High Closing Ratio

If you don't write up the deal because you fear rejection, then you are already defeated.
Why I'm Not Interested in a High Closing Ratio
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In , the "write up" is when you actually have a proposal, you show your prices and terms -- and try to get an agreement. It doesn't mean a close, it means you enter negotiations.

I write-up everyone. I'm not interested in a high closing ratio. They can't buy, won't buy, I don't care. I write them up. I swing the bat. One of my biggest regrets in life was right before college when I was playing . The last time I was at bat I watched the third strike cross the edge of the plate. Not swinging the bat sucks.

The average company only writes up less than 40 percent of the opportunities that walk through their door. That means that most decide that 60 percent of the people that come to you are not ready, not qualified, can't buy. But, you have nothing to lose. The buyer might change their mind when you write them up. If you don't write anybody up you won't close anyone. You put conditions on people.

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We all have excuses as for why we don't bother to write up:

1. "Buyer won't commit."

2. "Buyer owes too much."

3. "Buyer can't get financing."

4. "Buyer won't pay enough."

5. "Buyer not with the decision maker."

6. "Buyer doesn't have enough time."

Whatever it is, get rid of the excuses and increase your write-ups.

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What things must you get done to increase your write-ups (and hence your sales)?

A) Commit to it.

B) Have a great attitude.

C) Do a great presentation.

D) Give peace of mind by reassuring them they don't have to make a decision.

Don't ask questions you don't know the answers to. Instead of "Are you ready to buy?" Say, "Come on inside and let me get you some more information."

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Remember, if you don't offer the figures, you won't close. Quit over-qualifying people's financial ability, and quit waiting for the ideal situation. If you're worried about your closing ratio or want to avoid the stage, you will never become a great salesperson. If you fear rejection, you must get over it.

A real estate agent once told me, "I want a commitment from you that I'm your agent." I'm like, "Look, I'm not going to give you that. You have to earn that." Why would they even be worried about the competition? Why even bring it up? I had this girlfriend once who was always worried, "you have to commit to me". I told her, "I'm with you now."

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You see, when you are in fear, your fears come true. If you don't write up the deal because you fear rejection, then you are already defeated. Don't worry about your closing ratio!

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