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18 Unique Holiday Gifts for Everyone On Your List

Giving gifts is perhaps the most stressful act of love. A good list helps a lot.

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With the holidays fast approaching, you're most likely already sitting in the midst of the annual dilemma of what to give all those special people in your life. To help you out, there are many unique products now available that can surprise and delight all the recipients you have on this year's "nice" list.


Here is our compilation of truly incredible holiday gifts.

1. glassybaby

Handmade gifts are often special and personal. For example, glassybaby's handblown votives and "drinkers" are works of art that are each distinctly different. Each item the brand makes comes with a special story and a unique name, such as "starry night," "home sweet home," "kindful," or "soul." The handmade pieces are stunning, but the sustainable packaging is almost as pretty. Another organization receives a portion of the proceeds from each glassybaby product.

In fact, 10 percent of all of glassybaby's revenue is donated to partner charities and its white light fund, which helps people, animals, and the planet heal.

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2. Metabolic Meals

Nearly half of Americans are trying to lose weight or become more physically fit. While there are many reasons they haven't been successful, including busy schedules or a lack of nutritional knowledge, you can help them by giving them a meal plan from Metabolic Meals.

These plans function like three gifts in one by serving as the recipient's personal chef, shopper, and nutritionist. Metabolic Meals has an extensive variety of entré;es renowned for being healthy, delicious, and easy to prepare. You can select subscription gift plans that focus on the specific needs of your recipients, such as low-carb, paleo, or diabetic-friendly.

3. SkyBell

This is a great gift idea for anyone who wants to secure his home. SkyBell is a Wi-Fi video doorbell that works with your smartphone so you can always see and talk to the person standing on your doorstep, regardless of whether he actually rings the bell.

Whether the owner is home or not, his sense of security is sure to rise because it's more likely that if the person on the other side of the door had considered breaking in, he changed his plans when he realized someone might be home. It's easy to install and benefit from, so even the nontechie recipient can start enjoying greater peace of mind.


This is a great gift for the whole family, especially because it can provide entertainment on the go. The CINEMOOD Storyteller is a device that lets you watch favorite movies and television shows anywhere you want. It comes preloaded with content, including digital books, audio stories, and more.

It's a great way to create outdoor movie nights or take entertainment with you to remote locations. The company has partnered with Disney for a huge library of available content, and it provides access to even more content from other platforms.

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5. Kids Tri Hard

If you have loved ones with kids, you might want to consider including a gift for them, too. They will love that you care enough to include their kids in a holiday gift. Kids Tri Hard is activewear and gear made for active kids, especially young triathlon competitors.

Designed by seventh-grade entrepreneur Kenan Pala, proceeds go to Kids four Community, a nonprofit that helps kids find opportunities to get more involved in helping their communities and others around the world.

6. Bloxels by Pixel Press

Everyone could do with a little more creativity. This system, developed by St. Louis-based tech company Pixel Press, allows anyone to create video games without the need for advanced coding skills.

It takes what you may already know from the Bloxels game board, where you place different brightly colored blocks, and then allows you to take a picture with your mobile device. The user can even design an avatar for playing with the game map. The Pixel Press founders are taking their system a step further by debuting a "Star Wars" version of the game in the Gateway City and around the world.

7. Tile

If you know someone who is forever misplacing his wallet, phone, or keys, this is the perfect gift for him. Tile helps him always find those items, thanks to a Bluetooth tracker and an intuitive app.

The company has a portfolio of options for its tracker designed to fit different lifestyles, and you can even customize your Tile device. This is a great idea for customers, partners, or employees.

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8. Onnit Mace

The Onnit Mace tool is an extraordinary workout tool that provides a new way to build full body strength. While the company makes a lot of innovative products that help increase performance, including supplements, athletic gear, and exercise tools, it's the steel mace that makes for a great gift for anyone looking to train on the go.

It has an offset weight on the end of a long lever, which leads the user to have to compensate for the uneven weight by using his own internal body force to work with it. This is one of the most unique and proven exercise tools to hit the market since CrossFit.

9. Naboso Yoga Mat

If you know anyone who enjoys yoga or has mentioned an interest in it, the Naboso yoga mat is the perfect choice for a holiday gift. This isn't a typical yoga mat -- packed with technology, it's made to stimulate small nerve proprioceptors in the bottom of the feet and the palms.

The result is increased stability and neurological feedback while you exercise. The result is elevated experiences during yoga or any type of stretching exercise.

10. The Hypersphere

Whether you need to alleviate tension in your muscles, undertake soft tissue recovery, or seek to improve your mobility, the Hypersphere vibrating massage ball helps accomplish all three. It's a great gift for anyone who's hunched over his desk for 8-10 hours a day or for the exercise enthusiast.

Maybe he already has a foam roller or lacrosse ball to work on those sore muscles or tension. This product goes a step further in its depth and ability to alleviate the soreness in muscles and fascia.

11. FEED

Sometimes the best gift is the one that allows the recipient to pay it forward and contribute to a worthy cause. FEED offers extraordinary products that your recipient can enjoy. Plus, for every purchase, proceeds go to feeding or helping an individual or family in need somewhere in the world. For example, FEED donated a complete Thanksgiving meal to a family for every purchase. Plus, its bags and accessories make beautiful gifts, so it's a win-win for everyone.

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12. Jackpot Candles

This is no ordinary candle gift that your recipient will end up regifting -- not when there's jewelry inside the candle that you can only get by burning it. Jackpot Candles has come up with an ingenious way to make candles into a surprising gift and ensure they're actually used, not turned into dust collectors.

The foil appears as the candle burns. Put the candle out and carefully remove the foil, which contains jewelry valued between $15 and $5,000. The company also offers bath bombs and wax tarts that are hiding beautiful jewelry gifts. You're sure to stun your recipient with something beautiful!

13. Savvy Infusion Water Bottle

Drinking enough water is critical to our health, but no one probably consumes enough, so it helps to make water more interesting -- but without the sugar that juice or other beverages add.

The Savvy Infusion water bottle is a wonderful holiday gift that also focuses on the health of your recipient and gives him something he might not have necessarily bought for himself. It offers a way to create your own fruit-infused water drinks that are healthy, making daily water consumption easier to achieve.

14. Uber Gift Cards

While many gift cards go unused, an Uber gift card is guaranteed to be appreciated and quickly used. These gift cards are a practical choice for a corporate holiday gift.

Also, the gift cards work for the UberEATS program, and you can purchase them individually or in bulk.

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15. Jackery Bolt Portable Charger

A huge nightmare for most people is watching their mobile device run out of charge and having no place to juice it up.

That's why giving a portable charger or power bank this holiday season will most likely win you praise. It's fast, efficient, and portable, so the recipient can stay charged no matter where he goes. That could be a benefit for you, too, as the gift giver -- you'll never hear that his phone died and he couldn't respond earlier.

16. PopSocket

The PopSocket is an ideal gift for many reasons. First, it's practical because it can hold a smartphone in place so the user doesn't have to hold it. This means hands-free chatting and texting. Second, it serves as a cord wrap or photo grip, and the user can customize it by adding a cool design.

17. Texting Gloves

With many places experiencing severe temperature drops, it's that time of year when many people face a big dilemma: Do they take their winter gloves off to answer that text, or do they try to fumble through it with the gloves on?

Timberland appears to have solved that problem with a cool gift: Its gloves offer touchscreen technology, meaning you can easily text while wearing them. Timberland offers solid knit gloves that feature three-finger touchscreen conductivity.

18. Wrap It Up!

From the personal to the practical, this holiday gift guide provides an array of prices and products. You'll enjoy giving these special holiday gifts, and your recipients will love receiving them even more!

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