#7 Social Media Marketing Tips for a Successful Home Decor Business

In home decor world, pictures of the creative visuals that go on social media offer more value than content

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Presence of brands on mainstream social media has become inevitable. However, having a mere presence is not sufficient. The official brand page or handle needs to represent the core values of a brand in order to enjoy attention of the target audience and consumers.

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These factors vary from brand to brand, yet certain fundamentals remain constant. For example, content on a home décor brand will be different than fashion brand. Though the basic elements of content creation will remain the same, the ultimate product will be heavily influenced by target audience of a particular brand.

There are few tricks to cater efficiently to home décor audience. We are sure they will come handy to you too.

While designing content one should be objective-oriented. It can be, to increase traffic, to increase engagement or to increase followership. Increasing followership is one of the most beneficial factors for brand. Social media content is directly served to followers on their timelines and these media also help establish a direct communication between followers/consumers and brand.

Perky Photos

One can never underestimate the value of the content. But in home decor world, pictures of the creative visuals that go on social media offer more value. When followers see a product offered by the brand, they see beyond of what product has to offer. When a product is placed in a setting, it gives an immediate idea to followers about how it will add value to their space. Instead of single-product photos, photograph of entire setting, strike a better cord with followers. It can even tempt followers to become consumers.


One of the best and sure shot ways to increase engagement, followership and traction is create contests. The contest should be fun, easy to solve, product related and make use of trending and relevant hashtags. Always make sure that following the brand, tagging friends use of right hasgtags is mandatory to win. This helps in getting new followers with every stint.

During festive seasons, if contest are conducted, then home décor products as prize serve as great bait to allure followers. Reason being, everybody wants to add an element of zing to their home during festive season. If that zing can be won through contest, people participate actively and always keep tab on the brand page.

Maintain a Format

Format is necessary to maintain branded content. The format can include font types that are allowed, border type if any, logo placement or even preferred color scheme. These minor details give a professional look to the content being uploaded. Such formats are recognized unconsciously by the follower and helps in establishing a connection.

Home décor brands should have different formats for product posts and ‘products in a setting’ posts. It will not only help in establishing branded content, also add an edge to your content.

Be Consistent

 The social media platforms need to have consistent updates to maintain steady interest of followers. The content can be around; upcoming offers on products, new range that is going be launched. Exclusive unveil on social platforms, before disclosing on other mediums. Though it sounds like hygiene work, but helps to maintain interest of the followers.

Festivals, national holidays, current affairs, seasons provide cream content for topical ideas. Always make sure to modify content and customize to suit your products. Décor followers love it, when such content is introduced as novelty never goes out of fashion.

Catalyze the Promotion

Growing your follower base on social media can be a strenuous task. Hence taking help of tools to accelerate the growth is necessary. Influencer activity, in this case the products, campaigns or brands are promoted with the help of social media influencers who have humongous following. Also, boosting the post is also one of the ways to catalyze the promotion of brand on social media


Gone are the days when consumer used to approach consumer care number for their queries. Nowadays they directly text to social media platforms. Since, a brand is approached simultaneously by various followers, it becomes manually impossible to solve all the queries. This is where chatbots, come into play. The biggest advantages of chatbots include being able to reach a wide section of audience and the ability to automate personalized messages. They also can improve efficiency by taking over tasks for which humans are not essential.


Blogs have penetrated in every section of brands. There are specialist bloggers for each category. In today’s world, everything is googled first. Hence, blogs play an important role in creating first impression about the brands. Since bloggers are not affiliated with any particular media, their opinion are valued and trusted by the people. Hence, occasional blogger activity around, new product launch, product reviews can strengthen your brands position in market.

We hope that our tips will help you in creating strong digital presence for your home décor brand.