How Artificial Intelligence Technology Will Change Our Lives

2018 onwards the world will see rapid consolidation of AI and machine learning technology, especially in the social content sphere
How Artificial Intelligence Technology Will Change Our Lives
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There is no doubt that technology has made our lives better, convenient and easier. We are lucky to live in the era where the new emerging technologies like AR, VR and AI  are offering an immersive digital experience through their products. From AI robot to unique VR headset, these creations are the next big thing in the tech world.

Entrepreneur India spoke to few experts to know which sectors will be using AI in coming years.

Efficient and Timely Content Delivery :

Distributing content to right people is of critical importance to attract high traffic.

According to Matt Shams (Anis), CEO, Woolah, 2018 onwards the world will see rapid consolidation of AI and machine learning technology, especially in the social content sphere on matching right content delivery to most addressable audiences. 

"Algorithms like Multi-Armed Bandit will determine the influence of content within platforms. Now with machine learning one can accurately classify what’s present in the photos including all its engagement data (like, comments, emotions, shares) and what activity it represents in an image, which effectively optimizes human-generated content reach its true potential," shared Shams.

Enhancing Gaming Experience:

The rapid advancement in technology has affected the gaming industry to a vast extent.

Shubham Mishra, CEO Absentia firmly believes that AI in gaming has potential to enhance the capabilities of developers and designers by providing them a variety of options based on small input set. 

"In upcoming years games will reach the level of customization and personalization where AI could create levels with designs tailor made for the player which potentially leads to multi fold revenue increment for the gaming industry," he said.

Replace Repetitive Tasks:

Layak Singh, Founder of Artivatic Data Labs ( emphasized it will take next 2-3 years to see more impact of AI in our lives because it needs more human understanding going forward. The technology will impact both in good and bad ways to human, processes and businesses. 

"AI is utilized in almost multiple sectors including gaming, education, real estate, medical, pharma, logistics, BFSI, biotech and many more. It is going to replace all repetitive tasks being done in all kinds of sectors including BPO, customer support etc. but it will also create new & better opportunities in areas where needs more creative knowledge. The technology will enable the backend processes, operations and systems to have even thinking power like human brain to make self-decisions without human intervention," said Singh 

He further added that some of the critical areas like complex diagnostics, agritech, supply chain, education, automotive, manufacturing, transportation etc. will touch new heights in terms of making human lives easier.

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