Why is it Important for Every Entrepreneur to Take a Vacation Once in a While

A vacation will give you a much needed break and help in breaking the monotony

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Meetings, deadlines, late nights which often become all-nighters, an entrepreneur's life is not an easy one. They are always hurrying, achieving one target after the other which doesn't give them time for themselves. Busy with their day-to-day operations, they do not get time to unwind, but that also means they end up being exhausted, which can even lead to breakdowns one day.


So, it is important for every founder to once in a while, take a pause and head for a vacation. This can help them refresh themselves and come back for a fresh start.

Entrepreneur India spoke to founders and CEOs of corporates as they shared how going for a vacation has helped them bring in new ideas on board.

A Break From the Monotony

An entrepreneur or business owner's though full of twists and turns can also get pretty monotonous. Taking a break from time to time also helps them break the monotony, believes Mithun Appaiah, CEO, Sumeru Foods. Appaiah, in fact, believes in heading out for weekend getaways apart from the family vacation they take once or twice in a year. "It's a break from your routine and gives you a fresh perspective towards your business. You too need to recharge yourself to run your start-up," he said. And while on a vacation, Appaiah has one advice for all - don't think about work.

Finding Your Individuality

Usually, entrepreneurs are so passionate about their business that they fail to understand the importance of taking out time for themselves. Sahil Mittal, founder, BuildTheWorld, believes that when entrepreneurs tend to associate too deeply with their venture, they cannot differentiate between their individuality and their venture. "So, the individual's ups and downs go along with that of the venture, whereas the venture needs you to be the strongest when the business itself is down. Taking a vacation helps in identifying the individuality, looking at life from a bigger perspective, which in turn helps to look at the venture from a broader level," said Mittal.

Set an Example

By taking a break in between, you also show your employees that it is okay to take some time off for yourself, to rejuvenate yourself. Entrepreneurs usually have a lot more at stake. But for them to expect their employees to give the same amount of time and effort is not fair. "When they take a holiday, they are setting an example and showing their employees that they too care about work-life balance," said Appaiah.

Before leaving for a vacation, one prepares for the loss of time, so you actually end up finishing tasks before time, believes Appaiah. "Once you get back, you are also on a fast-track mode to finish work," he said.

Before You Book That Vacation, Have Your Team in Place

While vacations are necessary, it is also important to see at what stage you can actually take one. Able Joseph, founder and CEO, Aisle believes that when a start-up is in its initial days, it doesn't make sense for an entrepreneur to go off on a holiday. "When you have fewer hands on deck to run the company, then it's not ideal to take a vacation. Once you have a financial cushion and a proper team in place, is when you can leave," said Joseph. But he is also quick to add that considering the fact that by the time entrepreneurs reach that stage, they are used to working 20 hours a day and are probably workaholics.

With long weekends and New Year's around the corner, it is definitely a good time for an entrepreneur to unwind and relax before they gear up to take on the new challenges that will come with the new year.