Startups Must Shrug Off their Pessimism about IPRs

IPRs if used wisely and effectively can be a tremendous economic and business asset for the startups

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Correspondent, Entrepreneur India
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The time has come for startup entrepreneurs to shrug off their pessimism about intellectual property rights and its enforcement in India. Sudarshan Kumar Bansal, Senior Partner, United IPR also advises the same and goes on to state that in the present times, Indian IPR and its enforcement is amongst the best in the world and one must not have an attitude of 'nothing works in India.'

"There should be no room or scope for pessimism. One must not have a resigning attitude that nothing works in India. The enforcement, police or court systems in India are very effective", said Sudarshan Kumar Bansal, Senior Partner, United IPR to Entrepreneur India.

Intellectual Property Rights give the business a much-needed kick. If used wisely and effectively, they can be a potent economic and business asset for startups. Indian startups are effectively coming forward and taking steps in claiming their IPR. And those which have come forward, taken advantage and used IPR in an intelligent and efficient manner have benefitted from it.

"IPR is an important tool for any startup and is good for business. They give you the important business kick that is required. IPRs have to be used wisely and effectively and if done so, they can turn out to be a tremendous economic and business asset," added Sudarshan Kumar Bansal.

Unlike in the past, IPR registrations in the country are no more a difficult task and are granted easily if the startups have the right kind of inventions and accurate legal proofs. In terms of advancing in IPR protection and enforcement, India has been able to keep pace with the developments in other parts of the world.

"It is not that we are learning about IPR from the western countries but yes, India has paced itself with the developments in other parts of the world even in the intellectual property rights regime, in legal regimes and protection and enforcement. India is hand in hand with them and not lagging behind in any way. Many countries, even advanced and economically better off countries are taking advantage and learning from the Indian experience", acknowledged Sudarshan Kumar Bansal.

The trademark protection and goodwill existing in other countries can spillover to India. Thus, if a product or trademark has a good reputation in western countries, it can have a transborder reputation and even users extending to India.

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