How To Become An Instagram Influencer

Brands and retailers are tapping these influencers to help sell their products and services
How To Become An Instagram Influencer
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Social media addiction is the most popular trend among teens. Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter provide young people with a range of benefits and opportunities to express themselves in a variety of ways.

Through these platforms, many people have built a large following online. These group of people also known as influencers have the power to influence people's choice via social media. Brands and retailers are tapping these influencers to help sell their products and services to a large and engaged audience.

Entrepreneur India lists out few tips to become an Instagram Influencer.

Quality is the Key

According to Manish Bhatnagar, CoFounder,, as an instagrammer and aspiring influencer, it is imperative to maintain a constant flow of quality content.

"You should always focus on posting valuable content for your viewers. Your content will only trend/influence amongst readers when it is consistent and engaging. Right hashtags, catchy captions, and subtle humor is always appreciated," shared Bhatnagar

Engage With Audience

A constant engagement is one of most important aspect to be taken care of as an influencer. Followers are often interested to connect and curious to know more about their favorite Instagram personalities.Bhatnagar added that replying to their comments and using interactive Instagram features like stories and live streaming will take influencers closer to their audience.

Just Be Yourself

For Arvind Vijaymohan, Chief Executive of Artery India a.k.a. The Natty Professor, the key to creating a dent in the Instagram universe (or on any social media platform) would be to remain oneself in the purest form sans dilution of any sort. This obviously starts with understanding one's true self, establishing areas of prime interest that one is deeply passionate about and focusing on sharing these using one's unique voice with a community that perhaps already exists.

"The four essential requisites following this personal clarity are, setting a high standard of content creation, remaining rigorously consistent in sharing this content, being communicative, approachable and friendly with one's growing community and followers and mixing it up ever so often and carefully ensuring that you do not fall into a visual or content rut," said Vijaymohan.

Set a Goal

Your Instagram feed is like your public personal diary and each photo / caption is a page out of your life story (but just prettier!). Gia Kashyap, Fashion and Beauty Blogger believes to become an influencer on Instagram, it's very important to set a goal.

"By goal, I don't mean the number of followers but your objective on what your Instagram feed is going to be about. Once you set that, everything will fall into place. I strongly believe in authenticity and individuality, which are two major factors that define you as an influencer. It's not just about pretty photos but the story behind them," said Kashyap

Kashyap even covered every aspect of her wedding ( #GiKaViha) with her fans so that they can be a part of it virtually.

"This is definitely one of the best aspects of being an influencer i.e communicating with your audience directly," she added.

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