Startups Graduating Flat6Labs Beirut's Inaugural Cycle Showcase Solutions At ArabNet

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Ten Lebanon-based startups have graduated from Flat6Labs Beirut -a seed program and early-stage fund supporting Lebanese entrepreneurs to scale their ventures- showcasing their solutions at the first Demo Day held during ArabNet Beirut 2018. Flat6Labs Beirut’s first seed program cycle supported a diverse group of entrepreneurs working on solutions across industries including hardware, fintech, edtech, adtech, hospitality, video production and enterprise solutions.

Flat6Labs Beirut

According to a statement, the graduation of the first batch of startups marks a significant milestone for Flat6Labs, and with The Demo Day held at ArabNet Beirut 2018 (held between February 20-22), the program aims to act as a platform for founders to present their products and services to an audience of potential investors, the media and the greater business community. “We are very happy and proud to be part of this dynamic and rapidly evolving ecosystem in Lebanon. The entrepreneurs in this first cycle have been truly amazing and inspiring. We look forward to being the launchpad for many more to come,” Hany al-Sonbaty, Chairman of Flat6Labs, said in a statement.

Launched in March 2017 as a partnership between Flat6Labs and ArabNet, Flat6Labs Beirut established a Lebanon Seed Fund (LSF) -consisting of a US$20 million fund- with the aim of supporting 100 startups in the next five years. As for the program’s offerings: startups in the seed program receive $30,000-$50,000 in funding in return for 10%-13% equity, 16 weeks of mentorship, legal support, office space, training sessions, and other benefits. As part of its early-stage funding program, startups -ether in early-stage or growth phase- with exhibiting traction, a solid team, and a growth plan can receive between $150,000-$500,000 in addition with other support to grow.

Here’s a look at the ten graduating startups who showcased at Flat6Labs Beirut Demo Day: 

  • Buildink- a 3D printing construction solution
  • Finconnect-  a software solution and service for banks and corporates
  • Flickset- an online marketplace for filming locations and production services.
  • Katana- Internet of Things solutions- as-a-service startup
  • Let'sGrant- a peer-to-peer lending platform for personal loans
  • Lululittle- a creator of personalized books combining storytelling with socio-cultural themes
  • Ouda w Dar- a booking platform for short-term accommodation
  • Personafier- a subscription-based content intelligence platform providing real-time insights
  • Schedex- an employee scheduling SaaS platform for hourly workers and shift-based companies.
  • SpicaTech- an online academy for video game production targeting kids and teens.

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