When Should You Wave Goodbye to the Incoming Opportunity?

There are circumstances when the opportunity looks extremely luring and beneficial for the short-term gains, but when it comes to long-term, there are huge pitfalls waiting for you

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You have always been taught, grab the opportunity. Be enthusiastic and positive when you get a new opportunity. Always stand on your heels when the window of opportunity opens. You never know where it will lead you, which new doors it will open for you. You just need that little extra push, that the motivation of yes you can do it. It can be anything, a job change, promotion, a new project, shifting to a new place, transfer or any other thing. Saying yes to new things in life can alter your life entirely. It's good to be an optimistic person and not a rebel against change, but that doesn't mean you have to say yes to everything coming your way. Sometimes, it's good to evaluate the scenario and know the fulfilment capability of yours before saying yes to the opportunity. Here are some of the opportunities you should turn your ways from.


1) When You Lack the Time and Capability

Accepting something that you are afraid of doing is a nice way to push your capabilities. Superiors usually handover such tasks to the employees on the way of promotion to give them that confidence to grab the new roles and responsibilities and justify the promoting position. You better know there is an enormous difference in pushing your limits and saying yes to something you don't possess the talent for. Give the commitment to things that you can deliver. Say for example, if you are a mobile app development company working on native app development, there is no point of taking a project of hybrid app development. You won't be able to fulfill the expectation of the client.

2) When You Don't Have the Right Intuition

Sometimes everything seems to be right, but you just don't get the right feeling to say yes. You really don't have any logical reason to say no but still, you can't get that motivation to say yes either. So, don't force yourself into saying yes. You won't be able to give your 100% and work on the job half-heartedly. Sometimes, you know the job; you have done it and have experience and expertise both to accomplish it. Despite this, you want to refrain from the job because there is no innovation involved. It's the same old, boring, monotonous job which your heart doesn't allow you to do.

3) When You are Being Used

It's commendable when your employer thinks you are trustworthy and reliable and picks you over other employees to handover any task. But, this should not lead you to an overload of tasks and you have to stay up late, put up extra work hours without any additional reward. Your colleagues do lesser work than you, walk away with no responsibilities and have leisure life and you have to take up the entire burden. Now, here you are being used and this is not something you should give appreciation to. It doesn't mean you need to pull up some fight or screw up the well-built relation. You simply have to start saying no and walk away from the extra load allotted to you. There lies the chance of disappointing the person assigning it, but don't let that fact compel you to say yes forcefully and get yourself used.

4) Short-Term Benefits can't Overcome the Long-Term Costs

There are circumstances when the opportunity looks extremely luring and beneficial for the short-term gains, but when it comes to long-term, there are huge pitfalls waiting for you. Say for example your mobile app development business is running in loss and you are having funds scarcity. You got an investor ready to fund your business with the amount of your choice at the condition of 51% ownership in the business. You got cash, but you are losing ownership. So, this is the delightful opportunity you should nicely say "No" to.