#Three Secrets of Building the Best App Development Team

It is important that you keep your app development team really motivated

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Today with the ongoing digital disruptions, every other company or brand is trying to get closer to the customer through their smartphones.


While there is so much noise about technology-driven businesses in the air and stuff like chatbots, internet of things, artificial intelligence, machine learning and APIs, there are hardly any company or forums discussing the behind the scenes of the digital story.

Aashish Gupta, Research Analyst – Application Architecture Infrastructure and Integration, Gartner, opines that companies should also focus on the culture and the process part of going digital, which is basically the fabric of every business out there.

In a tête-à-tête with Entrepreneur Media, Gupta reveals the three secrets of building a good app development team to which very entrepreneur and team leaders should swear by.

Motivate Your Team

It is important that you keep your app development team is really motivated and inculcate the right kind of culture so that on digital transformation business is successful.

Gupta says the best way to motivate them is to give them absolute mastery through autonomy and purpose.

Develop the Right Mindset

It is important to develop the right mindset among the team member as they are the ones who are going to run your process to give you a sound sleep.

A good mindset compels people to take risky but quick bets, the researcher says while adding that one should learn from their mistake and don’t let failure take you or the team for a toss.

Building Psychological Safety

He explains psychological safety as a method to create an environment wherein people are able to share their weaknesses as well as challenges faced by them and are able to ask difficult questions without being afraid of somebody ready to cut off their neck.

Gupta feels a lot of businesses are not aware of this concept. “If you create that kind of an environment where there is better innovation and the most of important problems are not hidden away. It makes people comfortable and they don’t have to act to save themselves and are not afraid of losing their jobs for raising the right question or coming up with innovative ideas. Every idea should be appreciated and there should be an environment which supports it” he advised.