Infographic: Nine Ways To Focus A Wandering Mind

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There’s nothing more frustrating than a distracted mind that’s constantly wandering, especially when you are facing an emerging deadline. While it’s true that it’s a tendency of the human mind to get distracted, the team at On Stride Financial have come up with a set of hacks to ensure you defeat your distracted mind, and ensure better productivity. Stating that it’s ultimately a lack of energy in our brain that causes us to experience attention deficit, the infograph lists nine ways to prevent our minds from daydreaming when it’s time to focus. Making your short breaks count (allow your mind to daydream during your breaks), taking conscious steps to eliminate stress, doodling simple geometric shapes, and trying out some deep breathing exercises are some of the ways offered in this productivity guide. If all else fails, the infographic suggests you could also grab your favorite cup of caffeine or chew on a stick of gum as a means to get your mind back on the task in hand. Check out the entire infographic below for more such hacks.