Three Things You Need To Know To Drive Business Growth Using Quora

For entrepreneurs, Quora can be an excellent medium for promoting their brand and driving traffic to their website

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Most of us think that Quora is only a question & answer platform to empower each other with knowledge and unique insights. While Quora isn’t just a source to get answers for even the smallest query, for entrepreneurs, it’s one of the best medium for increasing brand’s growth. So, if you have not started leveraging Quora for your business, it is high time to start thinking about it. All you have to do is create an ideal profile and mention your brand name in each question you answer to make the most of it.


Entrepreneur India lists out few tips for entrepreneurs to use Quora to their business’s advantage:

Ask Customers to Post a Question:

YourQuote Co-founder & CEO Harsh Snehanshu uses Quora for his business and one of the key things which he learned during his experience with Quora was that they were trying to answer questions only related to their startup. 

“Eventually, we figured that the best way to utilize Quora is to build a brand instead of answering questions. We started asking our users to ask a question on Quora which resulted in a lot of questions about my brand ‘Your Quote’. Whenever the users directed a question to me, I told them to post on Quora which served a larger good because the same question was being seen by other communities,” shared Snehanshu. Currently, YourQuote has 200 questions and 1000 answers on Quora.

Identify Topics Relevant to Your Business:

For Aakrit Vaish, CEO & Co-founder, Haptik, Quora has been a great platform for engaging with the relevant audience. Vaish feels the simple question-answer setup is very useful particularly when people want to know more about the company.

“We have received a number of queries about Haptik and the way we function, which has helped us reflect the work we are doing as well as helped us connect with potential customers, investors, and employees. To grow your business through Quora, look for topics which are relevant to your business and reply to the one having the highest number of followers. Another way is to ask for good questions, this will help build your brand presence as well as indulge in insightful conversations with like-minded individuals,” he said.

Help With The Customer Support And Influence:

Quora is a Wiki site where anyone can look for opinions and most importantly, answers.  According to Vaibhav Vats, Co-founder, Digiperform,  the best part of Quora is that it’s meant for answering a specific question only with experiences rather than being just an encyclopedia. Though India is still on the path to gain active million users on Quora as compared to Facebook or Twitter, Vats feels it is the ideal platform for businesses to gain visitors, only if they aim to spread knowledge.

“Hustling or selling is exactly what one shouldn’t be doing on Quora. Entrepreneurs should build a Quora page for their business and help with the customer support and influence. They can also target their audience by posting specific questions to specific Quora users. One can also post business content on Quora, just like LinkedIn, so, entrepreneurs can build expertise and authority on the chosen business topic,” said Vats.