Five Tips on How to Achieve Success as a Mompreneur

Affection and devotion of a mother can change the face of a venture

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Being a mother as well as an entrepreneur is a strenuous task but as George H Brimhall said, “If you avoid difficult things, great things will avoid you”. So even though it is challenging, passion for work can make anything possible.


For any woman in this world, motherhood is a beautiful feeling. Looking at the face of a child is a sight of delight and contentment for a mother. There is a unique bond between a mother and a child. While on the other hand, a zeal for work turns the mother into an entrepreneur, striking a work-life balance is profound to be a successful mompreneur. One has to stick to a particular role at a time. There should be no room for remorse or regret while being either a mother or an entrepreneur. Both the roles should be equally enjoyed and performed with utmost grit and determination. One should take pleasure in parenting as well as entrepreneurship. Neither of them should be an albatross around your neck.

Raising a child is not a cakewalk. It requires efforts from everyone around you for him/her to grow and learn different things. Whether it is your spouse, friends or relatives, all of them contribute towards the progress of your child. A child who learns from many people around him/her has a more dynamic personality. 

To be a successful mompreneur, one needs to adhere to the following things:

Ø Commitment and Plan: There are a number of businesses in the market but not each of them is successful. Make a plan to make your business stand out so that it can reach out to the right people.

Ø Flexibility: The plan that you make should be flexible. You should be able to make changes when required. Even at the eleventh hour, you should be able to adapt to the necessary changes.

Ø Finances: You should watch your finances. There are some businesses which need a little investment while others need a large amount of investment. According to your business, plan how much and where would you invest.

Ø New Opportunity: Today’s consumers are always on a lookout for something better. Seize a new opportunity which can help your business to excel. For a caterpillar to become a butterfly it has to come out of a cocoon.

Ø Time Management: A significant part of a business is to manage time. Both child and business need your attention. None of them can be overlooked.

When a mother entrepreneur runs a business she tries to juggle between two different worlds. It is important to offer the best to both worlds. When spending time with your child your heart and soul should be there and vice versa for business.

For a kid, even a woman who is highly proficient in her profession will only be a mother to him/her. Children want their mothers to be an essential part and parcel of their lives. Hence, for a mompreneur, not giving that much deserved time and attention to their child will only drive the two apart.