How Can Young Entrepreneurs Motivate Themselves?

Equilibrium in life is the key to success and that goes with work and leisure as well
How Can Young Entrepreneurs Motivate Themselves?
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Each one of us intends to be successful and are on their heels to make sacrifices, work all day long and late at night. Well, that’s the kind of passion needed to be an entrepreneur and to be precise a successful one. But, have you heard, “Only work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. You don’t want that to happen with you. You miss out a bulk of things, your friends bachelor trip, your cousin's wedding, your dad's birthday, and many such occasion that won’t come again. This evokes the FOMO in you. This is but obvious but what you should focus on is converting your FOMO (Fear of missing out) into JOMO (joy of missing out). But, entrepreneurs need to find something to keep going on. That’s the motivation. A small thing can motivate the person. It can music of your choice, meeting your best friend, chocolate, pizza, workout or any small little thing.

Well, it can be big activities like surfing, traveling, underwater diving or any such thing. But, you can afford to take the time out for these activities on regular basis. Here’s what you can do on regular basis to keep yourself energized, motivated and happy.     

1) Plan Your Productivity Hours

Some entrepreneurs are night owls and daydreamers while some are contrary. The mind cannot work actively every minute. There are times when it works like a rabbit while at times it is slower than a tortoise. Define which time works best for you and get to the business at that timings.

2) Get Undisturbed Sleep

You might sleep for eight hours but in between, check your Facebook feeds, attend client calls, check your mail or wake up twice to drink water. How is this disturbed sleep going to help you stay active all day long? Try keeping your phone on silent mode while you are sleeping and keep it at a distant place. Also, flip your phone over to avoid the blink and getting distracted. Keep a water bottle on the side of the bed to avoid walking to the kitchen and interrupting your sleep. Nothing feels better than waking up in the morning after a sound sleep.

3) Ditch The Work

Working continuously makes you more focused but it can work another way around as well. Too much work devoid of break can make you dull and snatches away the concentration power. Small breaks in the middle of long working hours are mandatory. Take a small walk, breathe in some fresh air, listen to music, or read the site you have bookmarked and kept to read in your spare time. This can help to keep the frustration level low, boost productivity, emerge creativity, and aid your mind to invite new ideas.

4) Burn Some Calories

Morning exercise or yoga or cycling is one of the best ways to begin your day with. It keeps you energized, fresh and active. Kicks out the morning sickness and boosts in the new charm. It helps in releasing the stress

5) Make Your Non-Working Hours Happy

Mingling work even at your free time is too much. Allot your free time to the work or people that make you actually happy. Indulge in activities that give you positive vibe, which acts as a stress buster for you. Dine with wine, party with a pal, a movie with a smoothie, a TV series or stories or anything that works for you except work.

6) Don’t Stick With Mail Conversation

Mail is a never-ending tunnel, returning from which is extremely difficult. If you start your day by replying your emails, half of your day will be gone in the same. Instead, pick the mailing task in the noon when you are yawning and finding a task different from the usual one and indulge yourself into something that needs less brainstorming.

7) Take a Break from Usual Office Location

The same office for 9 to 10 hours a day can make you feel hatred towards the place and kill your mood to work. Not on the frequent basis but occasionally, you must prefer some other location to work. It can be either work from home or you can choose some cafe and work in an open and friendly atmosphere. This will keep you away from usual distractions and show you some newer attractions.        

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