Prime Minister Narendra Modi Says Entrepreneurs Need the 3Cs for Success

Narendra Modi said that India's youth are the job creators of today

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The Indian government has been bullish about the boost of entrepreneurial ecosystem in India. Ever since he took the seat of power, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has nudged the country to move towards digitization. From demonetization to GST and even the Startup India plan all have led to even those who were restricted to age old methods of business transactions, shift to cashless digital enabled payments.


To further accelerate growth in the entrepreneurial community and showcase the work done so far, Modi held an interaction with start-up enablers and founders in the country through the NaMo app.

Entrepreneur India takes a look at the top takeaways from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s interaction with the Indian startup ecosystem.

The 3Cs of Success

India has seen numerous success stories from its start-up ecosystem but at the same time, there have also been tales of failure. Sharing an advice for entrepreneurs, Modi said that all innovators need the 3Cs to be successful – Capital, courage and connection with mentors. He added, “There was a time when startups meant only digital and tech innovation. Things are changing now. We are seeing startup entrepreneurs in different fields.”

Keep Innovating

Stressing on the importance of innovation, during the interaction, Narendra Modi urged Indians to keep innovating. Modi said that if we don’t innovate, we will stagnate.

"Our startups are growth engines. Today's big companies were startups at some point. I urge the people of India to keep innovating," he added.

Job creators

Unemployment has been a huge issue for the Indian economy for a long time but with start-ups growing at a fast rate, entrepreneurs are also enabling the economy by making way for more and more jobs. Slowly there has been a change in the trends as well, fresh graduates instead of opting for multinational companies or big corporations are looking at joining start-ups for experience and better growth.

Praising young entrepreneurs and their out of the box thinking, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reiterated the same by saying that India’s youth are job creators today. During the talk, Modi also interacted with young entrepreneurs from across the country.

Modi pointed out that India’s smaller cities are no longer shy of technology and there has been a growth in the number of entrepreneurs from there as well. “The nature of the start-up world in India has changed rapidly. Start-ups are no longer only about the technological sector. Youngsters are working in a wide range of other areas. We are also witnessing great entrepreneurial energy in small towns and villages!,” he said.

Talking about how entrepreneurs are also innovating in the field of agriculture, he also added, “Youngsters are talking about the idea of a Smart Anna Bhandar, which will help farmers.”