Things You Should Never Do in A WhatsApp Work Group

With changing times, many businesses are now turning to WhatsApp , the largest messaging application, for better communication and personalization
Things You Should Never Do in A WhatsApp Work Group
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All businesses, no matter what the size, require effective communication strategies to give constructive feedback to their employees and share the concern. Thanks to technology, which is changing the way companies engage with their workforce. Not only various tools and apps like WhatsApp, Slack, and Trello automate mundane tasks but also ensure transparent internal communication. With changing times, many businesses are now turning to WhatsApp, the largest messaging application, for better communication and personalization. However, with any social app at the workplace, there are always going to be some people who don’t really get the etiquette.

Entrepreneur India is sharing few things that one should never do in a WhatsApp Work Group:

Don’t Post Irrelevant News:

WhatsApp is a quicker mode of communication but one should keep the workgroup as a professional as possible.

Akshit Mehta, Founder, Vorq Space feels there is lots to keep in mind while one chats on a workgroup.

“Even though you know everyone in the group it’s important to remember that it is a workgroup and not a personal group. Never share any news irrelevant to the group and always validate the information before you share. Also, avoid chatting on the group post-work hours unless it is urgent and work-related. Most importantly avoid using slang language and short texts when communicating on the work group,” he said.

Avoid a Comment on a Co-worker:

Undoubtedly, WhatsApp has become an indispensable tool for communication and to use the tool right, you should first know what not to do with it. You don’t want to end up blaming the tool for etiquette’s that you miss out on.  Inadvertently, we become a part of WhatsApp workgroups and if certain facts are not observed, it may lead to a bad experience for you.

Mihir Mehta, Founder, Fintuned pointed out some of the things that one should totally avoid discussing on WhatsApp workgroups.

“Don’t include discussion and sharing opinions on any policy or practice that may have been announced by the organization or its HR as you may run the risk of being misquoted. If you are working in a team that frequently deals with clients of the organization , make it a point to avoid discussion on clients, especially the non-work aspects in the engagement,” shared Mehta adding that there may be a probability of leakage of the information to the management or the client, which may prove detrimental to your interest.

Lastly, he advised to strictly avoid a comment on the financial health or compensation details etc. of a co-member as it may be construed as defamation and lead to negative consequences.

Never Forward Derogatory Posts:

According to Sudipto Das, Author & Co-founder, Insilico, one should never forward material which could be sexually, politically, racially and morally derogatory to others - in work groups especially at workplaces, this could be a very dangerous thing.
“Never post anything which is meant for one individual or any particular group, as the workgroup would have many people who wouldn't get the context of it - it's disrespectful to others. Lastly, try not to post harmless but irrelevant things like how nice you felt after meeting your old friend after 20 years, or good morning messages with lengthy spiritual quotes - they may be inspirational to you, but not to many,” he said.

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