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Billionaires Are Just Like Us: Watch Bill Gates and Warren Buffett Browse Records and Buy Candy

The friends took a trip down memory lane and shared jokes about Buffett's sweet tooth in this charming video.


What better way to celebrate the start of summer than having milkshakes with bespectacled billionaire pals and ?

Bill Gates | Youtube

The duo, who have been friends for 27 years, took a side trip to the Fairmont Antiques & Mercantile in , when Gates was in town for the annual shareholders meeting in May. Happily for us, a camera was there as well.

In the video, shared by Gates, he and Buffett stroll down the candy filled aisles of the shop, reminiscing about the past and comparing notes about their favorite sweet treats -- Gates prefers peanut brittle, while Buffett will happily try anything you give him.

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Entering a room with an array of pinball machines, Buffett recalled buying one for just $25 in 1946. “I built a small empire out of it. It was the best business I was ever in. I peaked early in my business career,” he joked. “It’s been all downhill ever since.”

Gates also recalled his start, looking at the copy of Popular Electronics magazine that inspired him and Paul Allen to start . And apparently Gates is a Willie Nelson fan. It turns out ’ wedding gift to her husband was to have the musician come sing at the party the night before they got married.

For the full adventure, check out the video below.

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