How to Ensure Offbeat Yet Effective Communication of Your Entrepreneurial Ventures

Creativity is the only thing which can place you on the highest platform where others are eager to approach you, enchanted by what you offer
How to Ensure Offbeat Yet Effective Communication of Your Entrepreneurial Ventures
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Today, with an increased number of people, even working professionals, turning towards entrepreneurship; the entrepreneurial community has started to express feelings about really helping all entrepreneurs achieve entrepreneurial scalability and by not merely sticking to the “survival of the fittest” theory.

With this being the criteria, it becomes imminent for entrepreneurs to properly communicate their entrepreneurial traits (ideas) by ensuring that their initiatives do not get lost amongst the sea of entrepreneurial ideas out there. In this regard, Entrepreneur India lists 5 ways in which entrepreneurs (with actually creative ideas and scalable models) could actually stay afloat by effectively foraying into newer territories.

Now, these are not necessarily promotional tactics,, but are more focussed on the core of business solutions and are meant for entrepreneurs who have really good solutions but with less than average communication modes,.

  • Make technology your best friend: With technology (even cutting-edge) being relatively easy to access, the newbie entrepreneurs could harness aspects extending beyond social media; such as YouTube and even Netflix probably; to effectively let the wider majority know how your creative ideas would positively impact them.

    These platforms offer you ideal opportunities to show glimpses of what your entrepreneurial ventures could produce. Once you have proven to the world,, about what you could do, your business should naturally get the shot-in-the-arm which it potentially deserves.

  • Go offbeat: With offbeat solutions and business models now the in-thing, the medium of communication for your entrepreneurial ventures could also be offbeat. You could do crazy things like making a short film about your offerings (non-promotional); taking crowdfunded routes, and more.

    In case you the resources, do try making a full-fledged movie with your offerings (creative solutions) being the driver of the script. Hence, you could take roads less travelled whilst ensuring effective communication of your offerings.

  • Don’t merely approach venture capitalists: Undoubtedly, your entrepreneurial traits would get more than its deserved recognition when it manages to make it to the top of minds of leading venture capitalists (VC).

    However, today’s VCs have become smart and mostly insist on effectively harnessing technology to develop business models. Display your entrepreneurial traits creatively and ensure that investors voluntarily mentor (upon getting a feel of your entrepreneurial pitch) your business. The key here is smartness (in business).

  • Do not excessively advertise: Now, we are not discouraging you from promotions; but how does it feel when adverts come to your products rather than vice-versa. This could be achieved through effective networking with industry leaders, at events, and even with family members (and more). Offbeat approaches, as described above could also come in handy when your target is not advertising but communicating.

  • Turn old school for a while: Use old school methods like proper speaking, writing, and more. Here, writing plays a vital role; you could write blogs (non-promotional again) communicating what an entrepreneurial model like yours could do to create a positive impact. Here, remember not to add specific content, but make the blogs more generic.Once your blogs go viral, you would be in a position to receive endorsements from leading names.

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