Avoid These 4 Mistakes For a Successful Franchise Business

How Not To Be An Unhappy Franchisee

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Opening a franchise may seem like a very easy option, but is not. The world of franchising is full of challenges, testing your patience and skills every now and then. As every business, franchise industry carries both brighter and darker sides with itself. A proper research is required to decide a happy future for your business.


Mentioned below are few nuggets of wisdom which can help you to be a happy franchisee:

Start with something proven

Future entrepreneurs show their interest towards getting on the ground floor of a trendy new business.  But what they should do is exactly the opposite. If lacking in experience, it’s better to start with a well-proven franchise, assuring you loyal customers and business. It requires less research, motivating you to learn key factors of their success.

Avoid being your own boss

Uniformity and conformity can be considered synonymous to franchising. A franchisee who holds the reins will lead to becoming an unhappy franchisee. You must follow the order of the home office. Franchising requires a lot of following orders. You need to guide and carry everyone together, making your business a happy one.

Remember that franchise also fail

Many carry a myth that franchises are less prone to failure than independent and small business. The reality is that they also experience failures at the same rate. You should consider being a part of that chain, which has very less failure rate. A thorough research on the specific franchise could count as a solution to your problem.

Seek for franchise complaints online

Before signing a legal document with a franchise organization, you should consider reading the company’s critics before marching forward. Every franchise websites have message boards and news/discussions columns where franchisees can air their grievances and give advice. Therefore, feedbacks are necessary in order to become a successful and happy franchisee.  

This article was originally published on Franchise India by Shahram Warsi.