Skills You Need to Get Your Dream Job

No matter what kind of degrees you have in hand, your aura, personality, confidence and dressing style speak volumes about you.
Skills You Need to Get Your Dream Job
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Have you been appearing for a lot of interviews and failing each time?

Have you been editing and re-editing your resume to be hired soon?

Have you just been wondering what’s keeping you away from being on board?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, you need to understand the current and future nebulous market needs. Various researches are being conducted which signify that the dynamics of job market has evolved tremendously in the last decade.

The economy is an evolving phase where apart from digital transformation, business models are constantly unfolding, giving birth to an unknown genre of jobs. The existing skill sets need to be modified in the light of shifting business modules.

Here is a list of skill sets which are a sure-shot route to be hired:

1.     Communication skills

James Humes rightly says, “The art of communication is the language of leadership”.

No matter what your qualifications or degrees are, communication is the crucial part of representing yourself on behalf of the company to the customers or representing your ideas to the employers and colleagues. An articulate, open, two-way communication skill is needed to be at the helm of events.

“Even schools and colleges recognize the need of this skill as a priority among students,” says Rajni Gupta, HOD at Apeejay College of Fine Arts.

2.     Technical know how  

It’s not rocket science that in this era of digitalization, employees can be an asset if they are technically well equipped. You should be able to get the work done at the click of a button.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, as it’s coined, clearly signifies the vital role of technology and technological skills to thrive in an era of breakthroughs in fields like robotics, artificial intelligence, biotechnology and nanotechnology.

3.     Data Intelligence

Organizations use different data for different reasons- better business performance, mapping the target audience, better consumer relations, product costing, etc.

The need of the hour is undoubtedly a workforce which can assess and interpret, compile and compare such data and make it relevant for the purpose.

4.     Teamwork

“In today’s profit-driven economy, we need people who can motivate and bring out the best in others, align employees’ goals with company goals and give a direction to people under them”, says Ankur Gupta, proprietor at Shori Chemicals.

Teamwork is essentially needed to foster relationships with other bosses and colleagues and be able to garnish these in the bigger interest of company welfare.

5.     Emotional Intelligence

Though digital competencies are the foundation upon which job skills are based, to compete effectively, one needs to master a high degree of emotional intelligence. The employees need to be empathetic, authentic, be able to benefit from criticism, applaud others, and be helpful.

These virtues are gradually the most sought after in today’s robotized, obtuse economy.

6.     Global fluency

It’s imperative to have a global perspective, be able to influence others on a global platform and appropriately use the social media tools.

Carlos Salinas perfectly guides the youth in his words,” Globalization is a fact of economic life”. You have to be sensitive to and interact judiciously with people of diverse cultural backgrounds, religions and sentiments. Young employees who are able to handle a diverse global portfolio are the need of the hour.

7.     Critical thinking

The demand is revved up for employees who can quickly apply logical reasoning and creatively think of a solution to the problem that arises in this era of automation. This is a personal skill which actually cannot be imparted through the education system.

“The machines and robots have to be directed optimally and ethically and only individuals with reflective and independent thinking, who can apply reasoning under any kind of pressurizing circumstances can thrive”, admits Varun Thapar, a chief officer at NTT Data UK.

8.     Professionalism

No matter what kind of degrees you have in hand, your aura, personality, confidence and dressing style speak volumes about you. You have to conduct your work with dedication and within the stipulated deadlines to be a survivor in this ever-burgeoning market.

Conclusion- You need to gear up and be gung-ho about the challenges that come up and be ready to learn hands-on to update yourself on the ever-changing economy needs. Do not forget to be humane and helpful to other coworkers in distress.

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