How To Foster A Company Culture That Has The Buy-In Of All Employees

With a variety of work ethics and cultural differences, it can be a difficult task to create synonymous conditions for a team.

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Spending the majority of our lives at the workplace, it is important that the company culture is one of positivity and nurturing. It can be an awful feeling to wake up every morning with a sense of dread about going to work. A study conducted by the University of Warwick depicted that happiness in the workplace led to a 12% increase in productivity. It should therefore be the priority of those in management to promote a collaborative work environment which is essential to a team meeting departmental and individual targets, as well as to push businesses forward. With a variety of work ethics and cultural differences, it can be a difficult task to create synonymous conditions for a team. As the CEO of Forever Rose London and in charge of over 300 employees, here is my best advice for fostering a company culture that works for the whole team.


Be approachable 
Having an open-door policy provides employees with an opportunity to talk freely, ask questions and offer feedback about the current office and work culture. This will not only help to have a better understand of what can be improved, it will also show the team that you are willing to take their thoughts or grievances into consideration. It is understandable that you may not have the opportunity to engage with everyone as frequently as you may like. In this case, setting up an online feedback form or having monthly meetings scheduled where everyone can voice their successes, challenges and issues opens up a platform for the team to celebrate, voice their concerns and find ways to solve problems together.

Show your appreciation 
One of the easiest ways to develop a positive work environment is by showing your employees that they are appreciated. If you feel like someone in your team has excelled in meeting their monthly goals or handled a difficult situation in a mature way, ensure that you let them know you were happy with their actions. As they say a small gesture goes a long way. A quick “good job” or “I like the way you handled that” will let employees feel noticed and they will be more likely to spreading positivity in the office.

Work hard, play hard 
As important as it is to be productive at work, it is just as crucial to have a laugh every now and then. Don’t hesitate to make a joke in order to ease a tense work atmosphere. As a CEO or boss, if you are able to have fun, it is more likely that your employees will reciprocate that energy. Introducing concepts such as dress-down days every once in a while will manifest a relaxed mood in the office and showcase your workplace as a fun and positive space.

Set targets 
Sharing weekly, monthly and annual goals for the company allows employees to have the freedom to organize their time according. Set deadlines but give individuals the power to create their own schedules rather than dictating what they need to do. This will provide employees with a sense of trust from management, making everyone happier and more positive while getting their work done. Implement weekly reports from each team stating their accomplishments and what they are working on to stay in the know rather than pestering the workforce.

Organize team socials 
Everyone needs to let loose sometimes, and work socials are a great way to hone a feeling of belonging and togetherness between company employees. Spend the evening at a bowling alley or having a team meal- you should try and dedicate time to a team social once a month. The gathering will allow employees that don’t always work together to engage in conversations and instigate a friendly professional atmosphere within the office.

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