Freelance Revolution in Your Organization

The gig world is not a choice for the organization, but a phenomenon

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Freelance revolution or the gigging world is a new buzzword. The new age digitization and the advent of technology have made this revolution a necessity. If you have to thrive in the market, you ought to make it a mandatory part of your organization as a freelance ad-hoc work delegation mechanism is here to stay. The point to be considered- Is your organization ready to face the challenges of incorporating a new marketing strategy into the system? Browse through the following handy tip-offs to analyze if your organization is ready for the new buzzword and how to prepare the venture and the employees to accommodate freelancers.


1. Understand the benefits

The benefits which accrue in the process of hiring freelancers make the whole process interesting, mandatory and lucrative. Freelancers are specialists in their fields and can be hired to render the ad-hoc jobs done meticulously. If you don’t have a specialized workforce or you want to expand across time zones, hire the new age freelancers.

Sachin Aggarwal, CEO of Share Pvt. India Ltd. states the various advantages that lure him towards incorporating freelance culture in his business, “Freelancers are available to work on the project basis and this eliminates the need to hire employees on a fixed monthly payroll, thereby, decreasing the costs and increasing the specialization. You don’t need to pay on rainy days and you are saved from the extra expenses.”

Perminder Singh Malik, CEO of Rapid Skillz adds that flexibility, expanding the scales of the business along with working around the clock has been possible because of freelancers. “Somewhere around the globe, there would be a freelancer who would be ready to take up an ad-hoc project that has to be finished in a day’s time”, continues Perminder. So these advantages make it essential to consider incorporating freelancing revolution into your business.

2. Are you ready to benefit from freelancer revolution?

A host of factors have to be taken into consideration to incorporate the requisite changes. The current employees have to be trained and made to realize the relevance of the on-demand workers. The supervisors and managers have to be trained to deal with freelancing workforce.

Is your HR team ready to inculcate the new workforce? The HR personnel has to work in connivance with new era workforce as a team.

Sakun Aggarwal, Director of Jungle Hut Resort opted for freelancing services for the accountancy of his resort due to the unavailability of certified practitioners in the remote hill station where his resort is situated. He says, “The old manager had to be gradually made to realize the growing implications and regulations of tax liabilities in the country and to keep pace with all the regulations at stipulated time periods, a freelance tax personnel was hired. This made accounting a cakewalk and all the papers were duly filed.”

3. Administrative policies

Suitable administrative policies have to be framed to make freelancers a part of the workforce. The existing policies have to be leveraged to be able to get the work done outside the domain of the office walls. “The freelancers had to be invited for board meetings to be able to understand the major policies of the corporation,” adds Sakun.

Tushar Agarwal, CEO of Vertigo Impex says, “The freelancers were given online training and on-field orientation before assigning the tasks. This enabled better relationship of the payroll employees and on-demand freelancers. Also, this stimulated internal support needed by the freelancers.” He, further, adds that the whole orientation process facilitated the reward mechanism to freelancers in case the quality of work exceeded the expectations.Sachin Aggarwal states that the managers of my company acknowledged the work of freelancers and gave them the information they needed to execute the work.

Over to you: The gig world is not a choice for the organization, but a phenomenon. The pool of unencumbered talent has to be utilized by making necessary changes in the policies to make the organization equipped to incorporate freelancers. Let your organization turn virtual!

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