How to Stay Creative in an Increasingly Standardised World

Break those barriers that hold you back from achieving your potential

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When we speak of a standardized corporate world, we think of tall glass buildings, nine to five work hours, formal business attires and common growth/marketing ideologies!


One of the challenges that most companies or entrepreneurs face is differentiation.  The creative angle or thought process that makes your product unique leading to customer retention and further loyalty. So, how do you channelize your mind to think of an out of the box idea while sitting in your crisp white nine to five surroundings?  Here are six stress-blocking techniques that can help you to channel your creativity into marketing strategies.

1. The Emotional Angle

It’s easier said than done! In a structured environment, it is difficult to come up with new ideas and creative thought processes. A good way to counter this is to take a 180-degree turn in the way we think. Instead of channelling a goal-oriented process, target your focus on the emotional angle. Let the focus of your marketing plan be to entice a particular emotion in your customers that generate revenues. The emotional angle will ensure the revenues come. A small change in the focus will automatically lessen the burden allowing all your creativity to flow!

2. General Knowledge

With our hectic schedules and business meetings, we run daily for an attempt at a work-life balance! In this process, we give up on acquiring knowledge of our surroundings and world happenings. Apart from daily news, take some time out on a weekly basis to read about the different changes in technology, environment, cultures and cities! This knowledge and awareness also inspire our design processes and collections!

3. Personal Time

Time away from work has always helped me stay focused without feeling drained from the pressures to succeed. Once a week, dedicate some time that is only for you. Meditate, go for a long walk or even take a weekend break. Take up a new hobby or catch up with friends. Invest time in fitness. Research has found that a good amount of exercise in the form of walking, running or weight training can not only foster creativity but also help to crystalize goals and increase motivation.

4. Network

Surround yourself with friends and colleagues who are not afraid to criticize, push and motivate you! Network and mingle with peers from all industries, backgrounds and thought processes. This will not only help you stay abreast with new on-goings but also help you think out of the box for strategies in your company.  

5. Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

Become the intern again in your organization. Do things from the ground up. With your years of experience, you will not only modify several processes but also increase efficiency in others.

Lockout a portion of your day to visualize your goals not just for the year, but also for each day. Motivation comes from within, so your main focus should be you. Learn from your colleagues and peers and industry CEO’s and don’t hesitate to implement much-needed changes in your company to achieve your goals!

6. What If

Last but not least, visualize the worst-case scenario. If you’re an entrepreneur what is the worst that can happen to your company. Have you thought of it? Now accept it and let it go.

Break those barriers that hold you back from achieving your potential. Let go of the fear of failure. Again, it is easier said than done, however, practice all of the above and with time, aim not only to conquer that fear but also to make it your biggest strength!