Don't Succumb Under the Pressure of Being a Good Girl, Whatsoever!

Media forges upon insecurities of an individual, i.e. it works like a pesticide – feeding upon inadequacies

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Being a huge part of everyone’s life, the media plays a crucial role. Its essence lies in the fact of being a light-bearer, instead, the industry has hugely transformed into gaze attractor.


With an upsurge of #MeToo movement, where the majority lies with women speakers and victims, it is essential to understand that the power lies within equal human rights aka feminism and not females, in particular.  

Generations have passed and there are innumerable accounts of suppression men and women have faced in the name of patriarchy. A certain waist, shoe, figure/physique, hair, eyes, brows, moustache, etc. is required to “fit in,” according to superficial standards humans created for their counterparts.

Women, indeed have faced it more fiercely than men due to the conscious efforts of societal pressure – which in turn became a source of media to body shame women recklessly on various grounds especially their appearances.

The Questions

Why do women smile so much? Why is there a constant urge to be like someone? Why appealing is the only way a woman is desired? Why anger is not ladylike? As a matter of fact, there is not even a single day where there is no feminist subtext to a situation.

Many social media platforms have debased rawness of life by introducing multiple filters – only to make a certain picture (human or not) suitable. Let there be growth in its sensitive form, allow no judgments to overshadow individuality of a person – man or woman. Pledge for resilience and solitary.

Don’t succumb under the pressure of being a good girl, whatsoever! A lot of times, people and parents end up mentioning a need for becoming a “good-girl” as if someone isn’t good, naturally.

Any kind of change, like any healthy country or an individual, should be in a perpetual revolution, perpetual change. Which directly implies that the industry needs to be more accepting now than ever with so much veracity and alternatives, media needs to provide endless possibilities, as it is presumed to be such an accepting and forgiving platform.