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How Comparing Yourself to Others Will Only Get in the Way of Your Happiness

Constantly looking for validation through comparison is a surefire trap.

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For many people, comparing themselves to others is a big limitor to life happiness. Even Theodore Roosevelt acknowledged the disruptive nature of comparison, describing it as the "thief of joy." In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Jack Canfield points out the futility of comparison. Rarely, when you are comparing yourself to others do things come out completely even. Either feeling you are better than someone else, or perhaps feeling not up to par with someone else, can create instant separation. 

With the increased use of social media, it's easier and easier to fall into the comparison trap. Canfield points out the study-backed observation that social media can increase depression. 

To avoid falling victim to comparing yourself to others, Canfield has a few recommendations. Try finding validation from your internal strengths. Moreover, take a look at what you do have and excel at and be grateful for those things.

Also, if you spot yourself falling into toxic comparisons -- stop yourself as soon as you can. Press yourself to log out of socail media or pull yourself away from gossiping with friends. When you do, make sure you replace the behavior with positive ones. 

Click the video to hear more tips about pulling yourself out of comparison. 

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