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Isn't It Time to Be Your Own Boss? These Women-Founded Companies Want You to Join the Movement.

Alice, Bumble and Brit + Co announced an empowering partnership.


There is no better time to be your own boss, say the leaders of three female-founded companies, Alice, Bumble and Brit + Co. And that is why they've announced that they are joining forces in 2019 to encourage other women entrepreneurs to join the Read on as Elizabeth Gore, President and Chairwoman of Alice, Brit Morin, Founder and CEO, Brit+Co, and Sarah Jones Simmer, COO of Bumble, discuss why it is important for women business leaders to support one another and pay their success forward, and sign up at for more information about the program.

Alice, Brit + Co, Bumble Bizz

What is BYOB all about?

Elizabeth Gore: The “Be Your Own Boss” movement is about two words: money and impact. When given the same amount of capital, women outperform their male counterparts; it’s time to be capitalists and give women entrepreneurs the resources they need to succeed and strengthen our economy. Additionally, women put 90 percent of their income back into their communities and families, so the ‘be your own boss’ initiative will also strengthen the social fabric of our country.

Brit Morin: With a growing number of women in business, there’s an increasing demand for tools and resources to help guide female entrepreneurs. Given that need, the BYOB initiative gives women an inside look at what it takes to start and run their own company. Whether it’s brainstorming big ideas, launching a new company, or scaling an existing company, we want to help women tackle every aspect of being their own boss. 

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Sarah Jones Simmer: At Bumble we like to say, "Be the CEO your parents always wanted you to marry." And we launched Bumble Bizz last fall to help women make the first move in their careers and to expand their professional networks. The idea that women make the first move in their relationships is at the forefront of our brand and product and has been crucial to the success of our company. We are thrilled to partner with Alice and Brit + Co to provide women business leaders with the connections, tools and resources to support their professional goals.

Why is it important for women in business to pay their success forward?

Elizabeth Gore: Women are starting nearly 2,000 new businesses every day, and women of color are entering entrepreneurship at faster rates than any other demographic. Very soon, they will be the new majority of business owners. All of us at Alice, Brit+Co and Bumble believe that it is so important to pay our success forward to other women entrepreneurs by helping them find the right resources, people and opportunities, at the right time -- both digitally and face-to-face. As the saying goes, if you get to go up in the elevator, make sure you send it back down to bring others up. It’s absolutely the right thing to do, but, frankly, it’s also good business.

Brit Morin: I genuinely believe everything can be a valuable learning experience if you set out to absorb as much as you can. It’s important that women have the information and tools to achieve their entrepreneurial goals, and I think experience is key. Women are empowered to be anything they want to be, dominating their respective space across industries. With a little help from Brit + Co, Alice and Bumble, these women can now move forward knowing we have their backs.

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Sarah Jones Simmer: Bumble is a mission-driven company that is dedicated to empowering women and helping end misogyny around the globe. Kindness, respect and equality are at the core of our business and brand. We strongly believe in the power of female friendships, and that one connection can truly impact the course of your life -- whether that's in the workplace or outside of it. 

What can people who sign up for expect?

Elizabeth Gore: In the coming months, we’ll be rolling out opportunities for women business owners (and those dreaming of being their own boss) to connect with networks, resources, funding and more, online and in-person. What we can promise is that the BYOB movement and the partnership between Alice, Brit+Co and Bumble is going to bring real, tangible opportunities to women, where they live and work, so they can find success in growing something of their own.

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Brit Morin: The BYOB movement will engage and inspire women to be their own boss. Participants can anticipate an experience filled with inspiring-yet-practical advice from seasoned female business owners, as well as applicable tools that will provide them with the skills to pursue their passions.

Sarah Jones Simmer: We always look forward to connecting with Bumble users, and we hope they take away key learnings that can help them launch their business and grow in their career. We also hope that people learn more about Bumble Bizz and the ways it can be beneficial in expanding their professional networks -- whether they are a recent graduate or senior executive -- and perhaps connect with the one person who can change the course of their career!


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