4 Ways to Generate Sales Post-Holiday Period

In the world of online sales, the post-holiday period shouldn't be a deterrent if you initiate well synchronized social media, content marketing and outbound marketing strategies.

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Christmas, New Year and the subsequent holiday period is the time when your sales and shopping by clients are at the peak. You have been too busy keeping up with the pace of work and generating revenue. However, this is a short period and is about to culminate. As a prudent businessman, you are wondering how you will keep up the volume of sales post-holiday when people are likely to get back to work mode and there will be no or relatively less purchasing potential in the market.


‘Make hay while the sun shines’ is a smart move but it would be wiser if you plan in advance so that slump or slack in the market doesn’t hamper your sales volume. The next target should be catching hold of potential clients and turning them into loyal customers. The following strategies will be handy while you focus on generating sales:

1.      Activate Social Media Engagement

Social media is a big game changer in the slack period. Engage with the followers and keep posting the new developments or the new products you are planning to launch. Even if this means no sales directly, you are still on the minds of customers who may buy eventually. It may so happen that customers who get a fat holiday bonus might splurge if enticed by your social media posts.

Rajat Bhatia, MD of Geekay Bikes says, “Keeping your social media accounts activated help in generating sales post-holiday. It is the right time to announce social media contests and give-away prizes or freebies along with the product.”

Keeping your brand name and product name activated is a major strategy that will generate sales post-holiday.

2.      Review and Plan

The slack period is the best time to assess the last working year, review the products and strategies which were profitable and seek to bring changes in the product which weren’t that profitable. Review your own prices relative to that of competitors and work out the best that you can offer.

In addition to this offering discounts and promotional offers can help to motivate potential customers.

“Offering discounts can sometimes tantamount to selling at cost price but it is a powerful tool in generating sales during post-holiday season,” says Dhruv Trehan, MD of Shree Ram Wood Industries, who also seconds that the intensive promotional campaigns on social media can generate heavy traffic during and post-holiday.

3.      Networking

This is the single biggest factor which is generating and adding to the volume of business across the globe. The best time to personally contact and meet the prospective clients and companies is during the slack period post-holiday. Lending a personal touch means you are adding to the goodwill as well as making the clients loyal towards your brand.

Gaurav Virmani, CEO of Bombay Metals and Alloys enumerates the benefits of networking, “Joining business organizations and meeting prospective customers can go a long way in fetching added brand value as well volume for the business. Lending a personal touch can turn prospective clients into loyal clients and generate revenue post-holiday.”

4.      Collect Data of Prospective Clients

With the help of apps, tune in the details of clients who have their carts full and also prospective clients who have been browsing the product details. The list of prospective clients and companies can be curated and make it a base to advertise your new launches or offer substantial and lucrative discounts.

Anil Aggarwal, CEO of Krishna Brickworks says, “Searching and channelizing prospective clients can generate sales and goodwill of the brand. You can open doors to new clients and create awareness by organizing events and exhibition post-holiday.”

The Take-Away:

In the world of online sales, the post-holiday period shouldn’t be a deterrent if you initiate well synchronized social media, content marketing and outbound marketing strategies. The post-holiday period can actually be used to assess and refurbish the work strategies, plan and devise schedules to gain brand momentum. Happy sales and Happy New Year!