5 Smart Voice Assistant Gadgets That Are Changing The Way We Consume Life

You don't always need a Google home or Amazon Echo Dot to transform and live a smart life.

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With technology, life is changing in the way we never saw it coming. To say we are technological dependent would be an understatement. The ways we perceive growing advancement is how lives are being defined.

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While Google Home and Alexa are popular as home devices, you don’t need to buy them to experience their capabilities. Here are some gadgets that are apt for everyone who is looking digital voice assistance.

1. Lenovo Smart Tabs

In case you thought, Alexa was done, Lenovo just announced Smart Tabs, a 10-inch tablet with Alexa built in. What’s amazing it how it instantly turns into a smart speaker when put in the charging dock. The device not just shows photo albums but also plays songs and follows your voice instructions as Alexa.  

2. Sonos One Smart Speaker

Yet another speaker that’s worth every penny. Without lifting a finger this smart speaker makes sure to fulfil all your wishes. If music is something that’s always on the top of your head, this gives you the ultimate experience. Helping you with voice assistance is Alexa who helps you control things around.

3. Ecobee Switch + Smart Light Switch

What better than a smart switch that instantly lights up your home whenever you enter and switches off whenever you exit the house. You can also have a setting that lets you light up the area when the sun goes down. And in case you also decide to add Ecobee switch Thermostat, it will act as an additional room sensor.

4. U by Moen

Have been facing a hot and cold shower issue? How about someone who lets you enjoy your shower like never before? U by Moen is an attempt to turn your shower experience into a smart home ecosystem. The shower runs, pauses and stops on your voice command. Meon offers compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri which means your showers works on your commands.

5. Garmin Speak Plus Dash Cam

A smart invention that shows its true worth in case you met with an accident and need a proof about what exactly happened that very moment. When we say it’s smart, we mean it. With building Alexa, adding it on top of Garmin gives you various tips when you are driving. From lane departure to forwarding collisions, this smart tool has your back in a true sense.  

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