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How The Founders of This Healthcare Startup Raised More Than $91M Their First Year in Business

Zachariah Reitano and Saman Rahmanian want to fight stigmas with technology


Zachariah Reitano and Saman Rahmanian have had quite the year. In of 2017, with their co-founder Rob Schutz, they launched their healthcare company Ro. By handling everything from an online diagnosis to delivering your medication, they hope to remove complexities so customers will be able to take better care of themselves. Their first vertical Roman, focuses on men's and the second, Zero aims to help people quit smoking. While growing their company from 5 employees to 100, they also met a major funding milestone, closing an $88 million dollar series A round in September of 2018. So what's next?

Courtesy of Zachariah Reitano, Rob Schutz and Saman Rahmanian

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