#8 Lesser Known Google Map Features That Will Change The Way You Travel

Are you a daily commuter? Here are some simple hacks to simplify your hectic traffic life

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It goes without a say that Google Maps is one of the best daily commuting apps. If there is one thing we can rely on always when travelling is Google Map. When there is heavy traffic in the metro cities, Google navigation comes handy. Not only in the cities, be it anywhere people around the globe use this app for figuring out direction and navigation to reach their destination. But if you thought you knew everything about it, wait till you read this article.


There are various features that you might have never heard of but this will change the way you use Google Maps. From exploring the hidden place to searching for amenities and more, know the features that are lesser-known.

1. Add Multiple Location

Who said this feature was just available to the cab driver? When travelling from one destination to another and need to make a stop in between use this feature. Just add your start location followed by your final destination. Then just click on the three dots on the top-right corner which lets you add a stop. Click on it and add your desired stop. However, note that this function doesn’t work when using the mass transit option.

2. Save Parking Spot

Among people who often forget where you have parked your vehicle? Well, Google has your back, now one can manually save their location in the Maps. In fact, even it can detect the location and save it depending on your GPS settings. Once you have parked your location, simply click on the blue dot and select ‘Save your parking’. To cut it short you can also ask Google Assistant to save the parking for you.

3. Reroute your own route

Frustrated with the automatic re-routing? You can easily dodge it as well. Just add custom pins along the route you are following and never worry about Google’s voice guiding you again. In case you want to follow some particular way, just check out Google My Maps and create your own route.

4. Bike mode

All the two-wheeled travellers, Google have a special mode for you all, which guides you with way especially good for bikers. What’s the benefit? Never enter in the no-bike zone again. To access it, just put your destination from your current location and click on two-wheeler mode, rest let Google take care of you.

5. Access Google Maps Offline

This is one of those apps that most of us need on urgent basis. But at times when your Internet isn’t working what do you do? You can even use Google Maps even on offline mode.

Before you start your journey just put the location on the map you would like access offline. Tap on the bottom of the screen. In the options that pop-up, choose the download option and you are done. Make sure you have enough storage in your device.

6. Voice control

One of the best features, voice control lets you find exactly what you are looking for without much hustle. Just click on the mic button and just speak out a command like ‘Best Italian restaurant near me’ and you get a wide range of restaurants in seconds.

7. Mark your favourites & share progress

If you travel to a certain place on regular basis, just add them to your list of favourites with specific names. In case you are on your way, one can also share your trip details with your family and friends instantly.

8. Discover Street View Key Commands

While you can go around the globe just with the click of your mouse. You can also do the same with your keyboard using some shortcuts.

+ / - zoom in / out

left / right arrow keys for turning left / right

up / down arrow keys to move forward / backward

A - turn left  and D - turn right

W - move forward and D - move backward