Here's Why You Should Apply for India's Most Successful Entrepreneur Coffee Table Book

India's Most Successful Entrepreneur is a collection of India's finest and the most successful entrepreneurs, this is your time to shine

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India's Most Successful Entrepreneur is a collection of India’s finest and the most successful entrepreneurs. It's dedicated to the men and women who have left enduring stories of entrepreneurship. It is also meant to inspire the generations to come. Entrepreneur life journey to success will be showcased in this coffee table book which will be one of a kind Entrepreneurial handbook and will be made accessible to the entire Entrepreneurial community and business fraternity, who’s who of the world and top notch marketers and Brand Managers to take note.

Coffee Table Concept?

The concept of coffee tables has been in existence since the 16th century. Coffee houses and coffee tables were platforms wherein new ideas would take shape, old ideas were reworked and revised and endless discussions on success, failure and future of humanity took origins from. It is at coffee tables that big people in the world of politics, business and otherwise sit down to have dialogues. At one point in time, every one of us has had a “eureka” moment, all thanks to the power the coffee table concept holds. This Coffee Table Book will give you an insight into the success stories of India’s most prominent who continue to be most relevant in the field of entrepreneurship.

India's Most Successful Entrepreneur Coffee Table Book will be a specially designed research based compilation which will be like an assortment of various business aspects and impact high points of participating brands seamlessly stitched together as some of the most riveting success stories. The evaluation and synchronization of the same will be done based on the parameters like Financial Growth, Human Capital, Innovation, International Orientation and Corporate excellence.

These Leaders will be handpicked taking into consideration their contribution in their respective businesses and industries. The massive media promotion will be strategically done to highlight the prominence of this signature of excellence. The coffee table book will be presented to the top hierarchy, who’s who from the Entrepreneurial Community and business fraternity. It would be made available across popular newsstands in the country.

How to Join the League?

The process to register yourself to join an extraordinary league is a very simple process. Click on the link to fill up the form and you are already halfway through the process!

Everyone has hacked and hustled their way through a journey called “entrepreneurship.” If you too have a similar story then what are you waiting for?