Rolling Out Curtains of an Absolute Wonder for Entrepreneurs

The event will see some celebrated and popular names from the industry come together to talk about entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneur India is a platform for entrepreneurs to discover and unleash breakthrough ideas, innovations and insights needed to realize their power to disrupt the social, economic and tech ecosystem. In its 9th annual edition, Entrepreneur 2019 aims to bring together inspiring entrepreneurs and investors for creating new opportunities for investment, build new partnerships and collaboration avenues and highlight entrepreneurship as means to address some of the most intractable social challenges.

Passionate Entrepreneurs to the Rescue

The event has seen some celebrated and popular names such as Ritesh Aggarwal, Co-founder of OYO, Neerja Birla, Founder and Chairperson of Mpower, Naina Lal Kidwai, Former Country Head of HSBC and Chairman of India Advisory Board, Advent International etc from the industry come together to address the august gathering in the past.

Every single touch point at Entrepreneur 2019 will create new knowledge, survival manual strategies and connections that are needed to start and grow a business. The conference will encompass inspiring keynotes challenging your preconceptions, educational breakouts unearthing the next big business ideas and execution practices and networking hurdles that will leave you free to grow your mind, business and the bottom-line.

What is the Summit about?

There are four parts to the event- Growth Summit, Money Summit, Leadership Summit and Innovation Summit.

The Growth Summit will have Global Thought Leaders, CEOs and founders of the world’s most promising companies to speak.

Money Summit will connect the human and financial capital worlds and explore infinite possibilities.

Leadership Summit will decode the path-breaking leadership of and for entrepreneurs, exuding the message that success lies in how an entrepreneur leads the way for his organization.

And last, but not the least, the Innovation Summit will bring innovative stories of disruption to life.

STARTUP KICKOFF- An Initiative for Energetic Startupreneurs!

There is an awareness of how important the start-ups are for India. India is slowly on the road to becoming the start-up nation of the world. Taking a cue from the current booming start-up scenario, the event will also see a platform for startupreneurs and mentors.

STARTUP KICKOFF is a platform where startups can come and pitch their Business plans to investors/ VC's/accelerators and get feature it in Entrepreneur magazine. 

Masters & Mentors will come to life when Entrepreneur hosts its Continuing event series engaging progressive thinkers, influencers and entrepreneurs in a riveting discussion moderated by our Editor's. Coinciding with the goal of the program in print and online, the live events provide a chance for hundreds of entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and learn how to strategically enhance business plans. 

To know more and register yourself for the event, click here.

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