#5 Quick Healthy Eating Tips For Workaholics

To run a business you do need a healthy combination of mind, body, and soul!

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 While we are busy with our hectic schedules our body is the one taking a toll. Remember without health, professional success hardly means anything. It is impossible to give our 100 percent when our body is failing to keep up with its surrounding. 


Let us tell you how your life is nowadays. We wake up early in the morning, grab a cup of tea/ coffee to kick start our day and rush to our office. We often skip the most important meals of our day - breakfast. Work is hectic and we hardly make time to eat healthily. Skipping meals and over intake of caffeine is our day-to-day story. While keeping a balance between work and health might seem difficult, it isn’t impossible. There are multiple ways to include healthy eating in our lifestyle and we are here to make it simple. Entrepreneur India brings you 5 tips that will lead you towards a healthy lifestyle. 

Drink Water And Then A Little more

Staying hydrated is a must and we often fail to understand the importance of it. Experts say one should at least consume at least -ounce glasses of water per day. Make sure you drink enough water and keep taking sips here and there.

If your water intake has been less, this might increase your visit to the loo. Water is the best medicine and can cure tons of problems. Start your day with a glass of water and end with it. Also, drink water when taking a walk around. 

Carry A Stash of Snack Wherever You Go

How about making some quick boxes and dropping at your desk, in your car and one in your bag? Trust us, this is the easiest task and it can do wonders.

When running in a hurry you will always have a backup. Instead of grabbing some junk, fill your stash with healthy whole grain chips, nuts, fresh fruit, Greek yogurt.


Invest Time In Yourself

While heading for shopping of groceries might not be an easy job, it can surely be done during weekends. Find it hard to go physically, we have online stores that give you door-to-door service. Make a list of staple food and order them online.

Over the weekend make a plan of what you plan to eat. Keep some veggies roasted, some cut, have whole grain bread and grilled meat set. Store these in the container and you are sorted. One doesn’t need to cook everyone and you will be surprised to see how healthy your eating habits have become.


Learn Some Simple Recipes

Life isn’t a Masterchef show and your meal doesn’t have to be a three-course meal. With the help of the cooking channel, learning some quick recipes come in hand and can help you like never before.

For breakfast opt for something as simple as boiled eggs with toasted bread, oats and fresh fruits, sunny-side with toasted bread or something as simple as a glass of milk and bread with avocado.  

Lunch and dinner could be a salad with simple yogurt/ balsamic vinegar dressing or sautéed vegetables with a small portion of meat or a bowl of pulses and salad will do as well. Meals don’t need to be fancy with million ingredients, it just needs to be simple and healthy.


Balance Your Meal

Be it carbohydrates, proteins, fats or more. Our body needs everything. It can’t survive with just one kind of intake. But it is balancing that makes all the difference. When it comes to crabs, our body needs complex ones. Eat brown rice, fruits, leafy vegetables.

Protein is essential and you need to include a portion of it in every meal of yours. The best source for the same are chicken, tofu, eggs, and fish. While carbs are the fuel to your body, protein, on the other hand, builds bones, skin, and muscles. If you thought fats was your enemy, you need to rethink. It helps and protects our organs. But it is essential to understand the difference between good and bad fats. 

We understand for the longest time you might have thought, that a healthy lifestyle comes at a cost. But you might be surprised to see the amount of money you will save once you organise your lifestyle and set things in motion. Incorporating these tips might take a while but the positive impact it will have is something that will transform your mind, body, and soul. 

Having said, to run a business you do need a healthy combination of mind, body, and soul!