How Technology Has Connected The Millennials With Rental Furniture

With Home Office in new demand, the freedom and flexibility of rental furniture--saving time, money and space--is a major reason why millennials are glued to this idea

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With every passing day the trend of furniture renting is touching new heights. There  is no doubt that demands from the millennials and the rise in the field of technology has been a major contributing factor in the success of furniture rentals. Apart from being the perfect B2C customers for furniture rentals, millennials have proven to be equally profitable B2B consumers as well.

Startups and furniture renting 

India is the latest country to witness a gradual economic boom and a new heaven for startup culture. It is really astonishing how numerous startups have dominated the majority of our market by the millennials. These small businesses  are the future of our country. The way the internet and mobile has reached every strata of the society, no wonder the startups are gaining much more popularity. With the help of technology young producers from all over the country is creating new dreams through their new ventures. Here, furniture renting becomes a crucial part of the projects.

Millennials have understood that startups are a challenge and their work schedule will now become very hectic alongside the aspect of limited budget. Buying or renting furniture offline for the startup can be time consuming and hectic. On the other hand, transportation and fixing the furniture don’t come free. Therefore with the help of internet millennials can choose their desired furniture just with a click on their computer or mobile online and can enjoy the perks of free delivery and set up. Technology has indeed brought everything at your doorstep. 

Office furniture need a lot of maintenance and charges of such services are very high. With online renting from companies regular  maintenance comes free and readily available. 

The freedom and flexibility of renting furniture whenever it is necessary and then returning after the use has been a major force  why millennials are welcoming this idea more and more. It saves time, money and space.

Home office emerges as the new consumer

Sometimes, startups are a bit different from the traditional business culture. Some of the startups don’t even have a proper office and are home-based. This again becomes possible because of advanced technology. Millennials and young entrepreneurs have set up their own online businesses from their homes. 

These businesses require their own set of special furniture that is perfect for a home-based office. Usually, home based offices are not permanent in nature and often seem to be shifting its size as the business grows. In such conditions, buying furniture for long term  is not a good idea. 

However, like any other businesses, a home office also needs the perfecta working environment that will act as a barrier between  personal and professional life. The need for the right furniture is probably more important in this case than any other. With just a click, online renting gives you all the benefits of a perfect office décor that is also customizable, cost effective and very easy to return once the necessity has ended.

Millennials and living establishments

While not directly but it is because of the millennials that many living establishments have become major B2B clients for furniture rentals. Students and young professionals are travelling far from their home in pursuit of getting a better education or job. Getting a house and furnishing them is really a big challenge and therefore these young aspirants often stay at various establishments. 

Millennials do not like to take too much pressure on buying new  furniture, transporting them and then religiously maintain the quality of the product as well. This is why many living establishments have collaborated with online furniture renting services to make their Stays youth friendly.