Mobile Apps That Every Entrepreneur Must Have

If as a mobile app developer, you are targeting entrepreneurs as your end-user, this can be a useful guide

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Mobile apps are the getaway to everything for everyone these days. So, people stuff their phones with as many apps as they can until they realize they are having a memory issue. This is the behavior of ordinary people, there is a certain section of people with specific choice and they are entrepreneurs. These are the set of people who are very careful about what type of apps they keep on their mobile devices. 

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Apps are very helpful and time-saving but on the contrary, with wrong apps on the device, they can be a huge distraction and consumes time which can be put to good use. This is why entrepreneurs are very choosy about their apps. App minimalism is a technique preferred by entrepreneurs. They might be downloading plenty of apps but they will instantly filter the ones not useful and clear it from their phones. They manage their mobile device very precisely to have easy access to useful apps.

Here is a list of app categories every entrepreneur would have in their mobile device. 

1) Productivity Apps   

“It doesn't matter how busy you are, how productive you are is what matters.” Entrepreneurs highly focus on this thing. Entrepreneurs have to juggle a lot with the time and productivity apps can help them do that. These apps are tools for saving time and utilizing it properly.

Not just the entrepreneurs, even the employees can make use of these apps to keep track of their work and how much time they took to finish that work. To improve productivity, measuring it is a prerequisite. Productivity apps will help you measure and improve and enable you to complete more tasks in less time. 

2)Team Collaboration Apps

An entrepreneur needs to keep the entire team on board. It is kind of difficult to meet everyone individually, conduct meetings, allot tasks, take follow up separately. This is where team collaboration apps come into the picture. Team collaboration apps make project management simple and easy for the entrepreneurs and everything can be managed from a remote location. Some popular examples of these apps are Trello, Slack, and Dropbox.

Every entrepreneur must be using either of the above-mentioned apps. They allow you to connect with people, communicate with them, create a group and have a group chat, make audio and video calls and even share files. An entrepreneur needs to perform all of these tasks and team collaboration apps make it possible.

3) Security Apps

If there is an entrepreneur that too popular and successful one, they are the hot target for Cyber attacks. This is why security apps are at the utmost importance for them. Even if there is no such threat, it is advisable to improve your cybersecurity with some security apps.

There are sensitive data whether it is contacts or business information or personal data which can be very dangerous in the wrong hands. Security apps will keep them protected and save them from getting misused. 

4) Content Bookmarking Apps

Entrepreneurs are not always free to read when something interesting pop on their mobile devices. This is why they keep content bookmarking apps on their phones. These apps will allow the users to bookmark the content for the moment to read it at a later date as and when needed. Best examples of such apps are Pocket and Instapaper.

Most of the successful entrepreneurs would have one of the content bookmarking apps in their devices and if you don’t you better get one. Reading is one of the most common habits and sometimes they do it most unfortunate times. But no worries, they can be saved and read at a most convenient time.

5)Note Taking

One of the best things about note-taking apps is that you can store notes in one device and access it from any other device. Entrepreneurs tend to travel a lot and come across several things to remember and do it at a later date. Note-taking apps can be the best way to note things and never forget them. 

It is rightly said that the best ideas come at the most unfortunate times. Thanks to the note-taking apps, you never miss an idea that can be converted into a lucrative business. 

6)Knowledge Apps

Learning new things and growing is a continuous process. Knowledge is what keeps the entrepreneurs on the top and they constantly keep craving for it. So, they have knowledge apps on their phones to use it in their free time and expand their knowledge.

Knowledge apps keep the entrepreneurs updated with the historical facts, the latest trends, and recent news. Entrepreneurs need to deal with different people of different industries, conduct meetings, make presentations, and for that, he needs to fill himself with knowledge. These apps are best for that.

If you are on the verge of becoming an entrepreneur, probably these are a bunch of apps you should be having already. Take the baby steps by installing and using the right set of apps. Also, start developing the right set of apps if entrepreneurs are your choice of audience.