du Women Council On Diversity And Inclusion

The du Women Council explains why (and how) the platform is diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
du Women Council On Diversity And Inclusion
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As an organization that strongly supports diversity and inclusivity of all forms –which can be seen through the employment of staff from over 70 nationalities- creating the du Women Council was a very important milestone for du, given the male-dominated industry it operates in. Since the council’s launch in January 2019, and in line with the UAE Vision 2021, the Council has created a compelling three-year roadmap, focusing on the key building blocks required for sustainable success going forward, from leadership commitment to culture change, from talent cycle to policies, structures, practices, gender-balance related-communication, and dashboards.

The du Women Council forms the dynamic force that drives excellence towards the establishment of an inclusive organization, and advancing du towards becoming the best organization for gender balance within the UAE. In order to achieve this objective, the council benefits from the engagement of an incredible number of internal champions, who are supporting the Council’s key initiatives, bringing excitement within du employees, and opening the door to a constructive dialogue among the various departments including both men and women.

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The company leadership is fully supportive of this vision, and the various initiatives that the council has embarked on. This reaffirms the commitment from the company towards making the council’s vision a reality, which is for du to become the recognized leading company in gender balance across the UAE. In fact, du CEO, Osman Sultan, has said: “The achievement of female workplace empowerment at du comes down to our organization-wide impetus to address the leadership’s agendas for tolerance and inclusivity at a granular level.” Hanan Ahmad, Chairwoman of the du Women Council, added: “The hard work that has gone into the formation of the du Women Council mirrors our commitment to empowering women, and emphasizes the pivotal role women have in both society and all sectors across the country. The UAE leadership’s progressive stance towards diversity is alive and flourishing within our day-today operations, and is represented by the council’s enlightened steps to move us closer to bringing the UAE’s women empowerment and leadership agenda to life.”

“At du, women make 29% of the workforce. It is a pleasure to be part of something as dynamic and iconic as the du Women Council. This is because we are proactively working towards creating a spirit of tolerance and inclusion, bestowed to us by the UAE leadership, that will enhance the performance and participation of female employees in the economic and social progress of du and the country” stated Hanan Ahmed.

By setting the trend and breaking convention, du is actively leading the next chapter for female equality, and influencing all industries and organizations to embrace the potential of their highly talented and engaged female human capital. Gender balance, diversity, and inclusion are important pillars for the success of any organization, and a platform like the du Women Council is essentially a key driver for du to achieve this success.

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