Rakul Preet Singh: The Bold, Beautiful & Boss Lady

Who is Rakul Preet Singh offscreen? In an exclusive conversation with Entrepreneur India, we explore various shades of Singh

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Build a life that you don’t need a vacation from,” she said and you instantly knew that’s exactly what she was making for herself. Rakul Preet Singh might be popular as a successful multilingual actress but she wears multiple hats and aces in each of it. Having been shooting with her for a few hours now, you realise that Singh is just another girl who loves to do what she loves. She is living her dream and perusing what she is passionate about and just aims to be a better version of herself every day.

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From buzzing the big screen down south and Bollywood to being an entrepreneur and a philanthropist, she has achieved a lot in a short span of time. What’s amazing is how she doesn’t get lost in fame and still retains her original self. Her recent film ‘De De Pyaar De’ gained her millions of fans and she is grateful for everything she gets.

The versatile beauty owns gym franchises and is also a proud owner of Tennis Premier League. During high school, she was a national level golf player and it gave her the biggest lesson of her life, “It thought me to think of the shot in the hand and not of the future.”

Her enthusiasm, knowledge, and love for what she does is quite evident. But what is her entrepreneur side like? Who is Rakul Preet Singh offscreen? In an exclusive conversation with Entrepreneur India, we explore various shades of Singh.

Be Your Better Version

She is a constant believer of being a better version of herself. “You got to believe in yourself and not be delusional. You may have achieved it all but I feel you never know it all. Be constantly open to listening and learning. Figure out how you are growing every day. Read - it makes a lot of difference. When you are true to yourself on how you are growing is what will lead to your growth.”

Ups and Downs

Ups and downs are part and parcel of life and no one is immune to it. Singh compares this cycle of life with a spring, “Ups and downs are like a spring that needs to be compressed to release all the energy. It is very important to have those because otherwise, you don’t value success and the good that is around you. If you don’t have troubled moments, you don’t connect with yourself and fail to improve. I am a very spiritual person, neither success nor failure affects me. Only a person who doesn’t do anything will never see a downfall of it,” she said.

3 Fs of Life

Films, fitness and food are what Singh is passionate about. Three-and-a-half years back she took a franchise of an Australian gym called F-45, purely for her love for fitness. “I always believe that fitness is a way of life. It hurts me when people around me don’t know how they should treat their bodies and end up spending more in the hospital at a later stage. Physical health goes hand in hand with mental health,” she said. Today, she owns three of the gym franchisees.

Proud Owner of Tennis Premier League

Coming from an army background with a keen interest in sports, it was only natural for her to buy a stake in Tennis Premiere LeagueHyderabad Team. “I heard of the launch of TPL 2 and there was this opportunity. This was the only league that was supporting the under 14 and 16 kids. So I felt it was a great association,” she smiled.

A Combination of Work & Heart

When asked about what thought goes into her mind when picking a film, she said, “It’s a permutation and combinations of a lot of things. When you start you don’t really have a thought process. You pick from what you get. Once you are a few films old, you start understanding what is it that you like and you don’t. What is the kind of work you want to do, you start positioning yourself in that way. But it is always a combination. Sometimes you want to work with a director, with an actor, at times it’s the script that gives you a lot of kick. For me, it’s my inner voice.”

A Learning Journey

Singh busts the notion that entertainment is one of the most difficult industries to survive in. She simply feels that nothing comes easy. “It’s how you perceive life. If you think that you are the only one who is facing these difficulties, you are going to make a big deal of it. Chase your dream and work towards achieving it, and this will make the journey beautiful. It is a good learning process because it makes you a better person,” she smiles. Having said that, Singh is an optimistic person who strongly believes in hard work.

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