Great Things Take Time To Build: Four Tips For Entrepreneurs Who Are Starting Up Their Business

Success doesn't happen overnight- it takes time to build a successful business, and there certainly isn't a secret formula to success.

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Success doesn’t happen overnight- it takes time to build a successful business, and there certainly isn’t a secret formula to success. It takes passion, and a lot of determination and resilience, not to mention confidence, and an appetite to take risks. Most successful entrepreneurs find themselves running a very different business than they set out to create at the beginning. I believe that having a clear vision, realizing that it is impossible to cater to everyone, and focusing on finding your niche can make a considerable difference at the outset.


1. Find your niche A topic I hear a lot about when mentoring my entrepreneurs is fear. Successful business people look to establish their niche fast. Having a niche allows entrepreneurs to become industry leaders quicker and enables them to have a greater impact when marketing business opportunities, because their messaging is direct and simple to understand. A business owner’s ability to communicate and develop relationships will determine how much they stand out in the market. Without having a niche, business owners tend to take every opportunity that comes their way, they are not keen to turn away business, and they want to help everyone out in the process. With this kind of unfocussed strategy, they are, in fact, limiting the realms of their success.

2. Learn how to become a good storyteller There is so much power in great story-telling- a great story can make or break a business. We are as unique as our entrepreneurial story, and people buy from people that they can relate to and trust.  The more authentic your business story is, the greater the engagement will be. If you can effectively communicate your business story, you can build a credible brand and establish yourself as an expert in your field, which will in turn make you stand out from the competition. As an industry leader, there are always opportunities to speak publicly, and to share your message with a wider audience. Many entrepreneurs go on to become authors so they can share their life experiences and business knowledge from their own personal voyage with the masses.

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3. Invest in social media marketing Make time for social media marketing; it really is worth the time, effort, and investment. If you overlook this crucial element, you are likely to miss out on very lucrative openings, opportunities, and connections. The good news is you don’t have to do it all by yourself- there are great tools available to help you create content, schedule posts, and to reach and speak to the right audience for your business.

4. Take risks Entrepreneurs take risks, and they also take action! Entrepreneurs also have staying power, and don’t jump ship when things inevitably get rough. Through my coaching, I have seen many people who start out in business with great enthusiasm, and then when faced with inevitable challenges, they become despondent. My passion has always seen me through tough times. It’s a fact that things don’t always go to plan, and entrepreneurs are aware of this so they prepare for the unexpected. Successful entrepreneurs should see failure as an opportunity and a chance to learn from, and improve from, their mistakes.

Having your own company really is reward for risk. Every opportunity is worth exploring, and as an entrepreneur, it’s so rewarding to see challenges along the way through to the end, and to see what lies on the other side. Dust yourself off, and keep moving forward, as we are all more resilient than we think.

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