Dubai-Based Searchie Adapts Its Tech Offering To Help With COVID-19 Testing

The startup has adapted its in-house tech to help doctors and medical professionals to cope with the COVID-19 crisis.

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Dubai-based AI video recruitment platform Searchie has adapted its in-house tech to help doctors and medical professionals to cope with the COVID-19 crisis.


Founded by Sahiqa Bennett and Harvey Bennett in 2018, Searchie’s proprietary tech uses machine learning and video to analyze and predict people’s personality and match every candidate based on competency, behavior, values and needs. With their smart matching tech, the team repurposed the same technology to provide remote prioritization of patients through on-way video screening.

Developed in just 14 days, MediScreen is expected to ease the burden of the medical community by making the pre-screening and prioritization of testing of patients more seamless.

MediScreen is developed to be a more efficient solution than telemedicine tools, which incorporates two-way video interviews or phone calls and requires a medical professional to be present, taking away their time to diagnoze or treat other people. It is created as an automated platform and allows doctors to create their own patient screening assessments with customized questions, diagnostic ratings and risk assessments. Patients can complete the process remotely without needing a medical professional to be online at the same time.

Doctors will receive a digital screening report from each patient, which includes patient vitals and a recorded video of the patient answering questions specified to assess incoming cases. The doctors can thereby automatically prioritize patients based on patients’ symptoms and overall appearance.

Source: MediScreen

The platform’s virtual waiting room lists patients’ profiles in order of risk priority, which can be accessed from a laptop or mobile phone and give a variety of next steps to patients including heading to the emergency room, recommend immediate physical testing, schedule a video call for further investigation and assure the patient they are okay.

The Searchie team is striving for its immediate use, and are discussing a variety of models to ultimately offer the service to healthcare systems worldwide. Interested entities are encouraged to reach out to the team. For more information, visit the website or contact 

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