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Best Gear for Workouts You Can Do at Home

Have limited space or budget? No problem.

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It's so easy right now to become sedentary, but you can't let yourself fall into that trap. For both your physical and mental wellbeing, you should be crafting a health-and-fitness routine that works best for you. Below is a list of the top at-home workout options available so you can curate the perfect program for your lifestyle.

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Tonal is the Ferrari of personal fitness. Using digital weights, it can pretty much replace any machine at the gym. Leveraging their proprietary Coach AI system, Tonal can track your strength and incrementally increase the resistance weight in one-pound increments (up to 200 lbs.) as you get stronger. With hundreds of classes including yoga, cardio and recovery, the Tonal system makes your home workouts efficient and effective. 

Rowing offers a powerful, full-body workout that utilizes 86 percent of your body’s muscles (vs. 44 percent for running and biking) while strengthening bone density, reducing joint stress. It's also perfect for doing at home. Hydrow offers state-of-the-art rowing technology for your home, setting you up to row in real-time (or via recorded sessions) so you feel like you’re on the water with a real coach. The integrated leaderboards keep you competitive, and its sleek design offers a smooth and quiet workout. Hydrow also gives back — row sixty consecutive days they will make a donation to on your behalf. With new workouts filmed daily, there are limitless options for your fitness.

If your home is limited on space, or you simply prefer weight training, Jaxjox might work best for you. These smart kettlebells can change their weight capacity with one brilliant design. Jaxjox kettlebells combine motion sensors to the company's expertly curated technology to track your every move during the workout through the Jaxjox app. The app tracks weights, sets, time, power and intensity, giving you the ability to work out in a more calculated way. This full workout takes up minimal space while delivering maximum benefits.

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With stay-at-home mandates in place nationwide and many people home with their children, Jump Sport is a great option to share healthy habits with your kids. Jump Sport doubles as a fantastic, energetic activity for your children to stay active and have fun alongside you. It also has a very versatile class catalog that includes HIIT and Barre training. This is a low-impact activity, which is easier on your joints but still gives you the great results high-impact fitness choices give. If you have a backyard, you also have the option of choosing from the company's outdoor trampoline catalog.

If you have limited space, you can also consider Cross Rope. Cross Rope is easily stored and capable of being used in small spaces, making it a great option for indoor or outdoor use. This jump rope packs double the punch because of its weighted ropes, which give you cardio and strength training in a great two-for-one workout. Cross Rope is currently limiting orders to two bundles due to high demand.

Or, you can build your own gym at home, with items under $200. TRX Bands, a pull-up bar and an ab roller are essential for cross-training your upper and lower body strength while building up a strong core.

With these fitness tools, you will be able to build a powerful, full-body workout at home, while using a limited amount of space and minimally impacting your budget.

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