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This Retargeting Service Lets You Serve Ads to Another Site's Visitors

Repixel helps you drive sales by creating a larger target audience.

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Retargeting is an essential marketing tool for any 21st century business. It lets you identify people who have interacted with your company online in some way and create followup advertisements just for them. Now there’s a new tool that makes retargeting even more effective. It’s an app called Repixel, and it lets you significantly expand your retargeting reach without significantly expanding costs.


Why retargeting is essential.


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Back in the day, advertisers created ads for people they thought might be interested in the product or service they were trying to sell. However, the internet has changed all that. Now, if you look at a listing for a Bluetooth speaker on Amazon, you’re going to see ads for that speaker pretty much everywhere you go online, including in your Facebook and Instagram feeds. This is called retargeting. The company selling the speaker uses a line of code on their website called a pixel to put a line of code in your browser called a cookie. This cookie says that you looked at the speaker. Then the pixel sends information about you to a server, and the company pays online advertising networks to read your cookies and show you ads for the speaker.

The beauty of retargeting is that computers do all the work. They figure out who you need to retarget and serve them the ad. If a person viewed your webpage but left without buying your product, donating to your charity, signing up for your newsletter, or doing whatever it is you need them to do, retargeting ads are a great way to direct them back to your site so you can close the deal.

Unfortunately, retargeting has its limitations. And the most obvious is that you can’t retarget people if they don’t visit your website.

How do you get around this? 

Cast a wider retargeting net with Repixel.

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One way businesses can expand their retargeting efforts is by partnering with other complimentary but non-competitive businesses and retargeting their online visitors or customers. For example, let's say you just launched a company that makes storage and display cases for sneaker collectors. You can’t retarget existing customers because you don’t have existing customers. The best option, therefore, is to retarget visitors of other websites. So you’ll want to create partnerships with sneaker blogs, online stores, review aggregator apps, fashion websites, and any other online business that has visitors who might want to buy your products.

The problem? Finding these potential partners and reaching out to each one individually can be difficult and time-consuming, which can significantly increase the cost of acquiring new customers.

That’s where Repixel comes in

Easily retarget someone else’s visitors with Repixel.


Image: Repixel

Repixel is an app that allows businesses to send Facebook and Instagram ads to people who have recently visited a another website, but not in a shady, unethical way. You’re not “hacking” the other business’s audience. You do it with their consent. In fact, Repixel is mutually beneficial for both parties. 

Repixel creates a marketplace of businesses that are willing to partner up with other businesses that might want to retarget their audience. You simply look through the listings, which can be sorted by business category, monthly traffic, or monthly fees. When you find one you think would be a good fit, you hit the request button. If that business wants to partner up, they will accept and share their tracking pixel. Then you use Repixel’s “Ad Manager” feature to create retargeting ads just like you normally would. However, instead of retargeting people who have visited your site, you’ll retarget people who have visited your partner’s site.

In the end it’s a huge win-win. You find new customers and build a retargeting audience in exchange for a small commission on sales, and your partner gets to monetize their site without ads. And of course, the relationship can also go the other way. You can simultaneously list your business as a potential partner and earn money by letting other businesses Repixel your site.

Are you ready to take your retargeting efforts to the next level? Go create your free Repixel account today. Explore their online marketplace of potential partners and discover synergies you never thought possible.

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