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Intention and Purpose can go a Long Way

This week, Chris Goode, founder of Ruby Jean's-a Kansas City juicery-shares the meaning behind his business and how all of his decisions are anchored by his purpose.

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Building a business with purpose is as important to an owner as patronizing a business with purpose is to a consumer. In fact, businesses rooted in values tend to attract a larger audience because consumers appreciate the authenticity and intention. On this week’s episode of Behind the Review, Emily Washcovick, host of the podcast and Yelp's Small Business Expert, talks with Chris Goode, owner and founder of Ruby Jean's Kitchen & Juicery, about the purpose behind his business and how he never loses sight of it.

Courtesy of Ruby Jean's

This week’s reviewer, Kansas City educator Jes Steinberg, shares how her experience with Ruby Jean’s made her a lifelong customer—and it wasn’t a five star experience off the bat. She had feedback, and Goode was open to it.

“As a small business owner, there are a trillion things to think of every single hour,” said Goode. “Seemingly very obvious things can get lost in the mix because we are stretched so thin. So I appreciated it.”

In this episode, the pair shares these key ideas:

  • There is always room for growth and when you’re open to it, it has the potential to change your business for the better
  • Consumers are looking to spend money with businesses whose values align with theirs 
  • Don’t lose sight of the purpose behind your business

Understanding and incorporating feedback from customers allows business owners to build lasting and loyal relationships and engage their customers in a much more meaningful way. The way the feedback is delivered is also important, and our reviewer this week was very aware of that.

“Always point out the good first,” Steinberg shared. “That's just a good tactic—in life in general, when you have some type of criticism or critique. And then point out something that could be changed for the better.”

Listen to the episode below to hear directly from Goode and Steinberg, and subscribe to Behind the Review for more from new business owners and reviewers every Thursday. 

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