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How Much Did You Leave Your House in 2020? Google Maps Knows

Google Maps is sending out emails with data about where users traveled and how they got there in 2020.

This story originally appeared on PC Mag

Many of us spent most of 2020 indoors due to the coronavirus pandemic. If you're curious about where life took you in the past 12 months, however, Google Maps has just the thing.

Google via PC Mag

According to 9to5Google, Google Maps is offering "2020 Timeline Updates" that offer stats on where you've been. These email updates summarize locations visited over the past year for anyone who has their Location History on Android enabled.

In addition to including cities and places you've visited, you can check out a list of locations you've been to broken down by type. This may include restaurants and shops, and how long you were there per month. If you're curious about how much exercise or driving practice you got, there are sections that break down miles walked and driven.

These update emails are slowly rolling out to users now. You may not have much to break down from 2020, but hopefully 2021 means going back to our old ways, including travel.

To participate, be sure you've enabled your Location History on Android. To do this, go to your Timeline and tap Settings. Choose "Location History," then "Enable Location History." You can turn this feature off at any time by changing the feature to "Pause Location History" instead.

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