This Entrepreneur Is Setting Trends In the Realm Of Data Industry

Many know him as Hunter Johnson, but his competitors know him as 'the dark prince of the internet'

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Hunter Johnson is a trend-setting entrepreneur who has an infamous reputation in his line of business; however, many would argue that he’s just making ingenious business decisions and using his own knowledge and experience to his advantage. So, exactly what does Hunter do? First, some background information about this digital mastermind.

Hunter Johnson

Hunter broke into the digital world when he was only 13 years old. A prodigy of his time, Hunter designed an online game that would amass over 1 million active users, along with a small fortune of about $500,000 dollars by the time he reached 20 years old. Not only that, but he gained 50 million YouTube views on influencer advertisements- an even more impressive achievement at the time.

Having built up his programming and design knowledge for years at such a young age, Hunter already had years of experience in the up-and-coming field compared to the experience of his peers. By 22 years old, Hunter decided to venture into another industry where his skills and expertise would thrive. He became heavily involved in the field of information aggregation, in which he created an algorithm that would make him a multimillionaire almost instantaneously.

His algorithm, which you have most likely experienced without realizing, was created to compile everything on the internet about a given person. This includes everything from social media profiles, past addresses, phone numbers, emails, criminal history, and interests. After creating this innovative programming technology, Hunter immediately saw an opportunity to capitalize on his ideas. Now, he provides this algorithm as a service for businesses and entrepreneurs. His information aggregation services net him over $700,000 per month in subscription revenue.

What really took his profits to the next level, though? Finding other successful business ideas and turning them into another similar business with a better marketing strategy. “I am known for identifying profitable business models, copying them exactly, then using artificial intelligence-based marketing to outbid the business I originally imitated,” Hunter boldly admits.

While a good amount of other business owners might not agree with his tactics, they have made him extremely successful and will continue to passively bring in sufficient business and revenue for his company. It’s hard to argue against the fact that Hunter is, in fact, a brilliant businessman, as this strategy has made him a multimillionaire, and continues to generate more money at an exponential rate.

“I got into this industry because I read about a man that was able to outpace Facebook in his early years offering similar subscription-based services,” he says. “The attractive part about this business is due to it being so technologically intensive, the barrier to entry for other competitors is incredibly high once I enter the space and drive ad prices up. Beyond that, once everything is set up the business runs itself as a fully automated system. At this point, I could die and my company would still process millions of dollars in sales throughout the year.”

No matter what side of the moral debate you’re on, Hunter has been able to create an empire using his own extensive knowledge of the internet, programming skills, and an entrepreneurial mindset. Whether simply brilliant or a cunning villain, be sure to keep a watch out for what this exciting entrepreneur has in store for the near future.