How Owning Your Mistakes Prepares You For Success

Bun Bydaway and Joel Kaplan list 3 ways it helps you grow

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Many people tend to shy away from their mistakes and even go to great lengths to cover them up. However, Bun Bydaway and Joel Kaplan believe owning your mistakes helps you grow and even prepares you for future success and leadership. Bun Bydaway owns BDW Studios, while Joel Kaplan is the Founder of Atlas Digital. These two gentlemen advocate for learning to own up to one’s mistakes in order to push forward in their journey.

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While covering up your mistakes may seem like a temporary fix to your woes, there are severe implications to this. Bun Bydaway explains that avoiding your mistakes can seriously affect your business growth. Joel Kaplan adds that honesty is highly valued in any sector, and while no one expects perfection, you should at least be honorable.

With that said, Bun Bydaway and Joel Kaplan explain three ways how owning your mistakes prepares you for success:

  • It demonstrates your responsibility.

Being responsible is a valuable trait in any business. Bun Bydaway says that whenever you make a mistake, you should be prepared to be accountable for it. “Demonstrating that you are a responsible person will help you learn how to solve problems conclusively so that they don’t stand in the way of your success later,” he says.

  • It shows your integrity.

Assigning blame and hiding from mistakes is often the easier route. However, Joel Kaplan opines that this is not an effective way to lead and thrive. He says, “You should set an example by showing that mistakes are part of being human and that everyone can grow from their mistakes. A wrong turn doesn’t always spell doom.”

  • It makes you relatable.

Both Bydaway and Kaplan agree that every human makes mistakes. “So, when you make a mistake, don’t run from it,” says Bydaway. Kaplan adds, “Learn to take responsibility because mistakes just show that you are human. No one is perfect, and you should not pressure yourself into being so.”

Mistakes can be a great lesson in disguise. Accepting these mistakes does not mean you are weak; it rather makes you a powerful person and helps you along in your success journey.