5 Ways Technology Can Help Logistics Companies Tackle Festive Demand

A unified logistics platform will help retailers mitigate crises, plan inventory, oversee fleet and staff management and create delightful experiences during this festive season

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With festivities around the corner, people are getting ready with their holiday shopping lists. To meet the surge in demand and keep the customers happy, the retailers need to step up and make their supply chains resilient. 


An increase in demand means handling large volume requirements that result in longer lead times. Insufficient capacity planning and staff/driver shortages may create a 'logistical nightmare' for retailers with supply falling short of demand. Failure to meet customer expectations, in this era of instant gratification, can be a death knell for brands.

So, what is the best way to tackle such a situation? Rest assured; the picture is not all bleak. A robust and highly effective last-mile delivery logistics infrastructure will resolve issues and help retailers keep their customers happy at every step.

Here are some strategies that retailers should consider to make their supply chain resilient in the face of an upsurge in consumer demand.

Digitalising logistics operations 

Digitalisation will make enterprises more agile, efficient and customer-focused. According to a recent study, 85 per cent CFOs expect digitization to increase profitability and revenue. Digitalization will provide opportunities for automation which will further help in handling volumes effectively and reducing human errors. It will also help connect the different moving parts in the supply chain and create a centralized information system. Digitalization enables enterprises to analyse vast amounts of data quickly to gain actionable insights.

Ensuring enough fleet availability/crowdsourcing capabilities

Disruptions in fleet availability have a direct impact on the movement of goods. An agile fleet management system is needed to keep up with the shifting demands of the customers. Crowdsourcing capabilities aid enterprises in managing demand fluctuations effectively. It also ensures that any underutilized assets are monetized and helps in maximizing reach while cutting costs. 

Gamification for improving efficiency

Gamification is increasingly used to help improve driver efficiency, reduce delivery time and accurately predict ETAs. Adding a layer of gamification can help motivate employees and make them more productive.

Leveraging dynamic routing capabilities

By leveraging dynamic routing capabilities, brands can track their delivery fleet in real-time and ensure end-to-end visibility of delivery operations. It helps shrink the delivery turnaround time by automating route planning, scheduling, and task allocation. Moreover, it reduces delays by constantly optimizing delivery routes, eliminating unnecessary diversion and stoppages. Such capabilities can also generate routes based on weather conditions, traffic congestions, containment zones, productivity, and fuel consumption.

New-age innovations and capability building 

The use of hyperlocal delivery models, adoption of contactless delivery, and crowdsourcing drivers are some fruitful methods to ensure timely deliveries and save the cost of warehousing or long-haul deliveries. As contactless delivery 2.0 remains the flavor, retailers can offer memorable customer experiences by adopting innovations around temperature tracking, contactless payments and electronic delivery proofs. 

A unified logistics platform will help retailers mitigate crises, plan inventory, oversee fleet and staff management and create delightful experiences during this festive season.

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