How to Decode the Stock Market With Strategic Financial Training

The advent of new financial products and services is encouraging economic participation among people

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Financial literacy has gained another significant level in the modern world as many people are fostering investment practices to grow and ensure financial security after retirement. The advent of new financial products and services is even encouraging economic participation among people. However, without a proper understanding of the investment market, the chances are highly likely that you would end up jeopardizing your financial health.


Lately, people from the age group of 31-35 years have started to consider the stock market as a promising investment avenue and are ready to invest in it. However, studies have found that most stock market investors are new or fresh investors who are invested in the stock market for not more than one year. Therefore, they require adequate financial knowledge to survive and grow in the volatile marketplace of stocks. Keeping this in mind, Kanishk Gupta started a small Stock market training company Incomet in 2019 to spread stock market awareness among new and budding investors.

Financial literacy is directly related to financial decision-making. The existing studies have also shown that those who are not financially literate are less likely to plan for retirement and are more likely to take up high-interest mortgages. In fact, according to official reports, India has a financial literacy rate of 27%, and Incomet foresees bridging that gap in financial education with its leading-edge training programs. Starting with a short course, today’s training service provider has trainers from some of the top-tier business schools globally, like IIMs and ISBs. The company delivers high-quality financial education to over 10,000 students to produce well-equipped financial decisions. Owing to its highly effective training methodologies, Incomet has even featured in magazines like Forbes and Fortune among many others.

Incomet is a vast team of experienced trainers and market experts who have also appeared on TV channels like CNBC, Zee Business, etc. to discuss the Stock market and other financial products in front of the general population. The training institution is recognized by the PMO Startup India program which stresses their high-value stock market expertise. By making their courses accessible and practical, Incomet handed the secret formula to emerge as expert investors to its students and their success speaks for the company. The company has a strong presence in 600 cities of India and 15 other countries. To date, over 10,000 national and international students have learnt about the ins and outs of the stock market through Incomet courses.

Within only two years of its inception, the brand has already established itself as a leading player in the market leaving behind its market peers. The company dominates the markets of South India and is gradually making its moves to capture the Northern parts of the country. Owing to their excellent business efforts, Incomet has also owned the title "The fastest growing startup at Dalal Street” given by Forbes India. Riding on the Delhi-based entrepreneur’s business knowledge, Incomet is expecting to beat industry giants with huge backings and emerge as a top player.